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The Weekly 3/23/2022

Hello and welcome! We are here to remind you, actually to inform you in case you do not know, that many among you are awakening. It is the time for this great awakening. Some are even referring to it as a great shift. Whatever you call, it will be fine for it is truly a matter of waking up to your present now moments. It is the sudden onset of realization that things are changing upon your planet. Rapidly. At amazing speed and you do not wish to be left behind.

Today, we would like to offer you a series of action steps. Things that you can do today or begin doing so that you are more prepared for what is to come. Also, we do not wish to invoke or create fear. We simply wish to invoke a natural state of preparedness. You have the ability to ride this wave with some ease and grace or you can succumb to it in a state of fear and unpreparedness. Take what serves you and leave the rest.

  1. Garden. We wish for you to look at the land upon which you have made your home. In any way, is it possible for you to grow food? A garden? A window sill? A patio garden? The more you are in control of your food supply, the better. Supply chains will continue to increase deficits. There will be blocks and numerous reasons why food cannot be delivered to shops. What if you were to spend a small amount of finances and time and begin planting so that you had some control over your incoming food sources? So that you take back some sort of power centering around food. We also encourage you to reach out to local farmers. Join CSAs. Buy a side of beef. Learn to raise chickens. Whatever is possible for you, we highly encourage it and it will serve you and your household well.

  2. Power. Begin looking into solar power. Ways to conduct your business and daily lives that do not require electrical power stemming from companies. What would you do if you could not turn on your stove or oven? How would you preserve your food without a refrigerator? Heat for your home? The sun is a beautiful and magnetic source of power. Begin by studying this concept. Educate yourself and your household about alternative power sources and begin the process of making changes so that you are prepared to be highly adaptable.

  3. Land. If you are in a big city and the above options have little opportunity for you, we seriously suggest finding land. A small plot somewhere. A place that you can plant and hunt and farm and lie in the grass and be in community with nature. Yes, we realize that this feels like the ways of old but having land is one of your most valuable options and opportunities. Without land, you will be forced to rely on those who do have land. Is this the future that you would like to move into? Dependency upon other humans in this stage of Earth's awakening is not the best option as loyalties will soon be divided.

  4. Food. Much of your current food supply is or will soon be poisonous. By this we mean, added chemicals, additives, preservatives. Things that are truly not food and fit for ingestion. These food like substances have become common place and so have the resulting disease and illness conditions that are directly related to the consumption of artificial foods. We suggest that all human populace begin growing food. In the dirt. Buying meat from local farmers and growers. Skip anything that comes in a box, with a label or wrapped in plastic. This is the origination of so many of your diseases. Find a nutritionist who can help you learn to feed yourselves using the "old ways". Make all of your foods from scratch. Soon, you will soon a revolution. A resurgence of health and wellness. Vitality and longevity will return to your planet. It is the food that is making so many sick and unwell. Cook at home and make food in your kitchens.

  5. Forage. When we are saying, make foods from scratch, we are also encouraging you to take a walk in nature and learn what around you is edible. So much of the plants that grow (even those in city parks) are here because Source Energy saw that nutrition and healing was needed and possible through plants. Take a foraging class. Buy a book on local edible plants. More than anything, it is a time to educate yourselves for the overall longevity and wellness of your body and your family.

  6. Medicine. No matter what you do or how sick you are, healing is possible. The human body was created to recover and return to health. Humans have begun poisoning the body with fake foods, medicines from synthetics and energy waves like 5G and 6G. Your medicine comes from nature. It is the vitamin D from the sun. It is all of the nutrients found in plants. It is even from the wild meats from animals that graze and frolic in nature. SKIP all medicines coming from a pharmacy. Look to nature. Look to what Source Energy has placed upon your land. These things are your greatest healers. And, if all of the above are in alignment, there will be little need for medicines on a grand scale. This is not to say that all will be cured. Simply to say that many of the planet's diseases stem from those things listed above.

  7. Community. No matter how healthy you can make your physical body, if you are alone and without support, you will not be living at your ultimate level. Community matters. Conscious conversations are required for growth. Support from like-minded thinkers is necessary. A helping hand, a prayer on your behalf, love...find your tribe, your community. Maybe it is time to form new supportive communities as in days of old so that there is strength once again in numbers? Find your community and thrive within it. Make gatherings of these community members a weekly or monthly thing. You will soon find yourself feeling lighter, supported and not so alone in your quest for wellness, safety and camaraderie.

  8. Your body. Now is the time to come back to caring for the body as the home of the soul. What you eat creates your body of tomorrow. Who you connect with creates your tribe for tomorrow. How you live creates your life. Honor your bodies with healthy foods, movement, sweating, plants, conscious energy around you and a lifetime of being of service to yourself, your body and those close to you. Yes, this may look or resemble your modes of current self-care but it goes much deeper than that when you tune into the realization that what you do for yourself also helps others. How you care for yourself creates a stronger you so that you can be of service and therefore, a light onto the planet.

  9. Belief. This is our last recommendation to your planet. It is now time to honor Source Energy. It is time to come back to a belief in something larger than yourself. It is not the time for self-reliance in the grand scheme of things. It is a time to become self-sufficient as far as your food sources, energy (power), and community but it is not a time to rely solely upon yourself. Pray. Meditate. Connect with nature. Circle around with those who want to pray with you. There is strength in numbers and prayers expand as more souls join in on the prayer vibrations. Your beliefs that peace. love and community can change the world is a belief that CAN change the world.

Know that we are sending you the high vibrations of loving energy. Know that each and every single person upon your planet has a role to fulfill in this current state of unrest and global awakening. We invite you to assess your current situations and make changes accordingly. Many Blessings for love, peace and continued awakening.

A Channelled Message from the Pleiadians, 3/23/2022


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