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The Weekly 3/2/22

Welcome to The Weekly~ a channeled message from the Pleiadians that comes to you via email every Wednesday!


We are watching. We are waiting. We realize that what is appearing before you on your television screens and in your social media feels and appears quite scary. And, it is. However, it is not exactly as it appears. Please know that there are many forces behind the scenes working to create peace and to further your instructions so that the planet Earth can continue upon it's merry way.

There will be losses and there will be deaths but, at the end, the world WILL return to unconditional love and peace will prevail. At this moment, we realize that many of you are praying. You are asking for angels and the Divine to intercede and to bring about peace and respite where it is needed. Know fully and completely that these prayers are heard and are being answered to the best of the abilities of those who are able to intercede. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that the humans upon planet Earth are all endowed with the free will to navigate and to choose their life choices and actions. This is the difficulty as well as the ease in this situation.

Free will enables men to kill. Free will enables men to love. And, men possess the right to choose. We, on the other side and those of us standing in light, are unable to intervene with free will choices. Our interest lies in the safety of your planet. For if your planet's safety is threatened, the threat goes far beyond simply those upon your planet. Understand that a nuclear "accident" will have an impact that reverberates throughout galaxies and throughout time and space on a continuum that you have little understanding of. Therefore, our jobs are to watch and listen and observe and when possible, to step in to prevent disasters that can be prevented. Not all actions are preventable given the option of free will choice.

As beings of light, we exist in light and it can be difficult to understand or comprehend the low vibrational frequencies that exist upon your planet. However, we do our best to see that things that are manipulatable for the highest good and the best time line are managed as possible.

As beings of light, we rely upon Source energy to propel us forward with our actions and inactions. We know our boundaries and would never dream of crossing them for we also have our boundaries as well. Know that you are existing in this timeline for the vision of the highest good. Your highest good and that of all beings with whom you come into contact. No being is superior however, some are more of "light" than others and it is within this knowledge that you must work.

Lastly, we will invite you to stand among those whom you believe represent the way in which you most desire to live. Stand among those who tread lightly with darkness and believe hat they are responsible to and for the light upon the planet. Know that your prayers are heard and that we, on the other side, are working vehemently to raise the vibrations of your planet so that good may prevail and darkness may subside. These two polarities will always exist but they do not have to be balanced. They can be in a state of imbalance with the light far outweighing the dark. That is our goal. This is your work. Weigh into the light and allow light to shine from within you. All of you. Anyone who is reading this is feeling into the light. Continue for the highest good of planet Earth.

And, so it is.


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