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The Weekly 3/16/2022

Welcome back to The Weekly! I'm so glad to have you meeting me here each week. Know that these messages are meant to be of help to us as we navigate life on planet Earth. Guidance comes through in many forms and I believe this is one way for me to honor my mission and calling as an emissary of light. Blessings for a beautiful week and happy reading! xo

The Pleiadian Ward #33-682D

Greetings, Earthlings. We come today in this forum to wish you all well. We, like you, have been called for special duty. Our duty is to do our best to inform you that you are an evolving population and yes, there may be danger in the future, but, yes, there is also great love and connection! In fact, the time for great connection is here and now. We are all called to perform our civic duties with the intention of raising the vibration of this planet. Not an easy task as there are many who still are unaware of our current mission.

As star seeds ourselves, we believe that the future of Earth hangs in a quite precarious state currently. One wrong move and the current thread or vibrational frequency will alter and giant waves may encircle your planet. These waves are similar to the waves of the ocean but they are made of vibrational frequencies and not water. To be pounded by a wall of frequency might feel quite disturbing but if all human beings who are available and interested are able to learn to ride on top of this frequency and not succumb to it, your planet will be just fine. In fact, many humans will be just fine. It is those who are currently unable to raise their vibrational frequency that may be in danger in the near future. More on this later as human beings all have access to their own free will and thus, the possibilities change incessantly.

Shall we discuss education for just a moment? What if all humans as they begin to head into adulthood were to begin searching for their way to shine their light instead of their way to earn financial stability. Stop for a moment and consider what this might create on your planet. If all humans were able to step into their divine light and honor the callings of their soul, no one human would be required to "work" a job simply to pay their bills. Realize that this way of being is coming. Quite quickly.

In fact, this way of being is fast approaching your horizon. More and more humans are making the decision to seek joy and happiness instead of finances. Look deeply into yourself. What are your yearnings? What does your soul require for joy and true happiness? Do that thing. Honor that part of yourself. You (and your soul) are well versed in what makes you happy and what makes you feel complete. You are also quite aware of the people, places, things, jobs, etc that suck your energy and leave you feeling depleted. Skip those things. Steer clear. Remember that your mission is to be in a state of joy.

All things are filled with joy when they are entered into with joy. Joy, love, compassion, happiness, kindness, etc are all markers of a life lived well. This is what we desire for you. For each and every one of you reading this today. Seeking joy and happiness is the meaning of your existence. Shining your light. Answering your call. Seeking joy. Following your passion. Knowing in your soul that you are in alignment. All key to staying on your path.

There are no easy answers or solutions for what is to come. What is required of you is that you are to forge ahead with the knowing that all will be well. You are going to head into this new dimension, new paradigm with the explicit purpose of following your life path. if you need help discovering this, find help. For all of this is written in each of your Akashic Records. Your path is laid out for you. All you are asked to do is discover that which has been left for you to discover.

And, so it is.

Thank you,


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