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The Weekly 3/10/22

Welcome to The Weekly~ A Channelled Message Each Wednesday! So glad that you are here and ready to receive the messages that come through each week. One never knows what one needs, well, until they know. I believe that is how it is a lot of the time these days. We only know what we know...

Today's message of peace and harmony and ascension is coming to you from our friends, The Pleiadians:

Welcome! We welcome you into this space, this new and experiential type of learning. As humans, you have become accustomed to seeking information as you need it. You google or search or read about that which interests you and those topics which need clarification or feel heavy or misunderstood. You reach out with questions constantly. However, you as humans forget that you contain so much information, so much knowledge. We are here today to remind you to dig deep within yourself. All that you require to know is inside of you. You are already hard-wired with bounteous amounts of informative knowledge.

Those who are sick, fully know how to heal their bodies. Those who are suffering fully understand how to no longer be in a state of suffering. Those who have questions also, have answers. The human spirit has access to all types of information. It is the accessing of information that seems to be the issue in your time and space reality.

We now realize that your next question will be how to access all relevant information? This is what we shall say to you. Meditate. Sit in stillness and allow the mind to open to other realms, new dimensions and additional information. IT IS ALL INSIDE OF YOU ALREADY!

As human beings begin this process of awakening to the "new", they begin to become more conscious. They realize that there is so much more outside of themselves. The so much more that they once knew and have now forgotten. We are the reminder that it is time to remember. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is longevity. Knowledge is all that is contained deep within you, within your muscle, tissue, fascia, mind, soul...

There is nothing to fear. We share this message today as well. In a state of fear, human beings often forget their true mission. They forget why they incarnated upon the planet to begin with. In fear, you are heavily and easily manipulated. Standing in your true power and strength, you see reality without the blinders. You know what you know because you know it.

Act don't react. Love don't hate. Know because you know not because you search. All is well on your timeline. Even if things feel fearful or upended, know that all is well because the Godhead resides within you.

And, so it is.

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