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The Weekly 3/1/2023

Welcome to The Weekly and welcome to another new month! Another fresh start! continues even when we get tired or feel frustrated or need a break, right? It is one of the Earth's true constants. Have you considered what life would be without time or if the idea of "no time" was actually reality? What if all things really are happening simultaneously? Past, present, future. Just thinking, as always...

Today's message is coming straight to us from Divine Wisdom. This is one of my favorite groups to channel and I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot from this group in the near future. I hope these words resonate and assist you in some way~


Welcome to this space and to this forum. We come today to share with you a possibly new idea. One that is common place where we are but most definitely not where you are. The idea that all things are occurring simultaneously. Lisa touched upon this as she began and this can demonstrate to you and to her that we are always assisting to encourage higher frequencies of thinking even when humans are unaware of our presence. The timeline upon which Earth operates is nothing like the timeline upon which we in other dimensions operate. We see for you the past, present and future only because we exist in all frequencies at once. On your planet, only those who are tuned into their sensitivities are able to witness all time in frequency.

If you are searching for answers, you currently will go backwards in time to look for answers. You will search your past for experiences that you can adapt to your understanding so that your present day will make sense. Often times when thinking of the future, humans will "dream" forward with hope being a driving emotion. In our world, all exists at the exact time of thought. We live and exist knowing that all is with us and we are with all. We know that you cannot fully grasp these concepts of which we speak but what we can share is that the earth dimension is altering. It is changing and we believe that all will be transferring itself into this next dimension quite soon.

This idea becomes obvious to human forms when they experience deja vu. This occurs in the line of thinking as if they have been in a certain place previously or experienced the same conversation or completed the same action at a differing point in time. This simply means that life is on repeat or that you have been in that time-space reality previously. This is a unique situation as earthlings tend to forget their "past". Not remembering is a small part of the requirements for incarnation upon your planet. However, many are beginning to "remember". Humans are tuning into the frequency of sensitivity that allows the past, present and future to collide. This is easier to witness through an advanced meditation practice. We encourage you to meditate, to allow your mind to become more fluid. To surrender to your own knowing. This is a part of the evolution of your current planet.

If you find yourself thinking that you have done something previously, look deeply into it. Inquire of yourself upon a soul level to see the details. Those details exist within your knowing. This does not have to be a frightening situation but remembering your past lives can be a bit startling. Lisa has shared events from previous or alter lifetimes on her podcast with the transparency that it can be slightly unnerving but we encourage your curiosity in this realm.

On our plane of existence, living in light and in soul form, there is only the present moment. If we tune in, we become aware of all realities occurring simultaneously but our premier concern, is each present moment. It is in this present moment, that we encounter our biggest growth and our greatest expansion. We invite you to become present in the now. In doing so, this will elevate your thinking as well as your processing making it easier to witness all realities at once. We hope you will continue to ponder some of these ideas as they are being brought to your awareness for expansion upon your planet.

And, so it is.

Sending you blessings for a beautiful start to this new month! Much love, Lisa xo

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