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The Weekly 2/9/2022

Welcome to The Weekly! If you are new, this is my space to share a weekly channeled message. The sources vary and I never know exactly who we will be hearing from until I sit down to create each post. Regardless of which spirits or beings come through, it always seems to be exactly what I need to hear for the next week. I hope the messages help you as well!!

Many Blessings and Thanks for joining us each Wednesday for The Weekly!

This message is coming to us from The Pleiadians:

As members of higher intelligence, we come today to share some basics for life on the other side of this grand awakening of which you are all a part. Beings on the other side have so much freedom and there is love! Oh, the love! We are united. Unity for the good of all creations and creators....

Can you imagine living in a "body" and interacting with other beings only from a place of love and compassion? We DO realize that this is a difficult, if not impossible, concept for your understanding. For when you are able to leave the human form and exist solely on planetary love, your sense of self and "being-ness" changes considerable. We are the shouters of the good news. We are here today to remind you that what is to come is entirely above you and out of your current awareness. Love and compassion.

Have you considered what it might feel like to walk around and spend your days in this state of high vibrational frequency? Have you pondered the idea that human beings carry so much baggage that they are unable to identify with the basic love that is pre-wired? By pre-wired, we mean the love that you are birthed onto the planet containing? Love is all there is and on the other side of these physical bodies, love is that to which you return.

Consider carefully the mindsets of small children and animals....they come onto the planet wired to love. Unconditionally love, right? This is the mindset of all those on the other side. Complete, unprejudiced, unbiased love. This is what you have to look forward to. Maybe you are asking why you have to wait until you cross over to experience this magnificent love? The truth is that you do not have to wait. In fact, it is coming for you much quicker than you might believe. For you see, you are living in the time of the Ascension. ALL upon your planet are either choosing love and light and no fear AND ascending....OR they are being sucked into the fear narratives that are currently so prevalent upon your planet. Again, and just like is meant to be~ humans beings can choose love or fear. Love or fear. Love or fear. There is nothing in between. No buts, ifs, or....

Therefore, how can we best guide you to move forward so that you are a part of this reality of ascension and of love? You can actively choose to step away from fear, from low vibrations, from destruction, from backstabbing, from gossip. You can choose to step toward kindness, compassion, caring for the sick, loving animals, living clean, eating clean, getting out into nature and the sunlight. You can hug often, meditate, pray, paint, write, play music, sing, dance, move your body. You can break bread with friends. Cook together. Eat as a family. Share your days with your children and parents. You can communicate. You can put down cell phones and other devices. You can drink wine together and stroll. You can rest well and stare at the stars. You can pray. You can meditate. You can let go of friendships that do not raise you up. You can create new relationships with those who share your interests. You can stop bullying. You can treat your body with the ultimate care and respect. You can put away your guns. You can sit in nature. You can breathe deeply. You can smile. Laugh. Enjoy the company of others. Be in community. Practice yoga. Walk outside.Shall we continue?

What matters most is that you, yes YOU, make choices that lift your vibration. Choices that make you feel enlightened, uplifted, healthy, happy and complete. Steer clear of people and situations that do the opposite. YOU are light. YOU are this universal energy. YOU can create a life of complete joy. YOU can ascend and enter into this new earth. The choice is yours.

Choose wisely, beloved friends.



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