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The Weekly 2/8/2023

Welcome to the Weekly! Each week, I offer you a short, channeled message that I hope resonates in some way and impacts your week for the better. Tune in weekly for some inspiration and wisdom~ Thank you for showing up here again and again...

Today's message is coming from the Collective of Joshua.

Welcome and good afternoon. Today, we are here to offer you our prayers. Often, we feel as if we are the recipients of your prayers and intentions. Today, we are hopeful that you will feel receptive to our prayers and intentions.

The veil is thinning and we are easily able to reach through and offer you our thoughts and messages. This veil is simply the separation between the 3D Earthly realm and the 5D+ spiritual realm. Not living among the living has many advantages and we feel as if it is now our responsibility to share with you some potential ideas for your own evolution and "moving forward". We do so in the form of "praying for you".

Please understand that many of us reaching out at one point or another have walked upon your planet. This planet of Earth is one of the most difficult to navigate throughout the collective galaxies. Why? Because once you are born onto it, you forget from where you originate. This, of course, is the God Source paradigm and most cannot recall this time-space reality once upon your planet. You are required to forget. Imagine agreeing to have the slate wiped clean so that you can journey into anonymity and un-knowingness. Thus, learning all that is required from scratch.

It is only upon your wakening that you are able to begin to recollect the time-space realm from which you originate. This awakening process for many is quite obtrusive. Quite abrupt. And, often, more than mildly upsetting. It is a requirement of awakening and you are here! Otherwise, you would not be reading this. If you are reading this, please know that we are with you. We support you and your evolutionary process. There is nothing to fear. You are surrounded by light beings who are offering you their assistance and compassion.

The realms unto which you shall one day return are LIGHT! They are goodness and compassion. They are not greed or thievery. They are not lies or disception. These realms are peace and goodness and light. And, you WILL return. The idea is that if you can begin your reckoning now, the evolutionary process of remembering will be much less traumatic in the end.

The God Source energy of all is with you. YOU CAN REMEMBER. YOU CAN WAKE UP TO THIS NEW DIMENSION. How? Invite it in. Ask for this knowing. All is available to you and your people. Everything which you require is available to you in this realm of knowing-ness. Learning to manifest and/or create is part of your learning. When you feel as if you have mastered this, you will probably be nearing the end-point of your time upon your planet. In other words, you have a very long time ahead to continue your learning process and mastery.

Today, we invite you to welcome in evolution. We ask that you surrender to growth. We hope that you will become more allowing with every day that passes. You do have divine wisdom in your teachers. You have those around you who have been instructed with the principles of higher learning. Know this and seek the educators and the spiritual teachers who can lead you to this path with integrity and authenticity.

Study daily. Move the muscles daily. Welcome in new brain waves. New functions. New ideas. Sit in stillness and move with diligence. Fear nothing and accept that you are here upon your planet to learn, grow and evolve daily. We are with you and it is time. Again, we will say to you- it is time!

And, so it is.

Thank you so much for being here and know that I am sending you many blessings of light and love for a beautiful week ahead. Divine wisdom and knowing is within your reach. Accept that and begin to welcome it in! xo


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