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The Weekly 2/23/22

Welcome to The Weekly! Each Wednesday I offer a channelled message for you and for your health, your happiness and your wholeness. Enjoy and I hope you can see how this message resonates in your daily life this week!

Coming from The Pleiadians~

Security. You, as humans, consistently will continue to search for your own security and for that of your close friends. Your Earthly connections. The truth is that there is NO security upon your planet.

It is necessary for all humans to know that they, at any given time, are a single breath away from obscurity, from death, from leaving the planet. And, this is exactly what makes the human experience so daunting.

Man (or woman) works a lifetime to amass financial security so that they can retire with ease. Humans will spend money and time working out, being fit, taking supplements all while ignoring their own spiritual commitment to growth, expansion and love. No amount of financial security will matter if you have no love within your heart. No money or even physical body will make a difference if you have not loved.

You see, dear ones, all that is missing upon your planet is unconditional love. Everything else that you work so hard to achieve means nothing if you have not love in your life and in your heart. Nothing matters beyond love.

I realize that we probably sound repetitive or like a "broken record" but we feel quite compelled to be the constant reminder that love is all there is. Security is found in love. Within it.

The human form is destined for greatness as well as destruction. How can it be both? It only matters what is truly within the heart space. Love = greatness. Lack of love = destruction. Love extends unconditionally to all people, places and things. You cannot hate or feel anger and feel love at the same time. Emotions are singular which means you in human form process them one at a time. Examine this. Unpack it. Explore this idea.

So, how then, can you help yourself? Feel into love at all costs. In all situations, we invite you to look for the security of the emotion of love. Unconditional love. Loving kindness. Compassionate love. Love. Is. All. There. Is.

Search for that instead of security and when you find it, know that you will have everlasting life. And, so it is.


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