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The Weekly 2/2/2022

Welcome back! Today's message is coming to you from a very special group of beings. They call themselves "The Elders" and they have been guides for me since the very beginning of my spiritual awakening in 2013. I hope you find today's message interesting as well as one of hope. We are all being called to move forward~ into light, toward love and away from anything that is not light and love.

Many Blessings xo

We come to you today in this glorious flow of energy~ this amazing vibrational frequency. There is no problem too large or hurdle too difficult when there is only love and loving attention. Know that all upon your planet is based on a vibrational frequency of love. Thus, love is all there is.

We would like to say "we command" but we will soften it to "we advise" you to take cover. Gain caution. What will soon be falling will be landing like an avalanche.

New information. New learning. New knowing. New guidelines. New advise. New structure.

What we say is surround yourself completely by the strength of your own knowing, by the faith of your own intention. There is nothing that you cannot achieve when you believe in your own courage, strength and internal knowing.

The weeks and months to come hold so much possibility but these possibilities require the faith and detachment able to move mountains.

So, are you believing in your path?

Are you putting faith in your good works?

Are you diving in knowing that God is your safety net and therefore, nothing else is required?

This is how you are to live.

Dive in.

Trust yourself.

Believe in the highest good.

Take the chance when it feels like the "right thing".

God for it.

Be brave.

Believe you are guided.

Move forward.

Have enough faith to move all mountains that might get in your way.

And, so it is.


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