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The Weekly 2/15/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! Thank you so much for showing up here and I hope today's message brings you peace, comfort and great joy!

When we can set aside our "humanness" and fully allow our soul to speak, what comes through can be an amazing experience. Today, I invite you to listen from your soul and not your humanness...

Today's message is coming to us from the Arcturians:

Believe fully that you are here, on your planet, in this incarnation for good. You are here with us although you do not experience us in your everyday reality, know that we are among you. We are experiencing this dimension along side of you. Why? Because our learning exists within your learning. Our hope exists within your hope. There is no divide between us. We are all one. We are all of the same hope for the future. There is nothing that can divide except hate. Therefore, we are with you, we remind you to move forward with as much love as is humanly possible within your core.

As you go about your Earthly days, please connect to your inner longing. Feel deeply into that which feels lost or unconnected. This is the piece of you that requires your attention and healing. Peace on your planet comes from each human waking to the idea that they are truly a small piece of a greater whole. You are the piece that you are searching for. You are the completion of a massive energetic shift. When you fall into the alignment of Divine Love, you will feel completeness. There is then nothing you shall want.

Humanity in Earthly form is arising to the knowledge that there are systems at play that do not have their highest good in mind. We are here to remind you that we are all in a state of acceptance over this. There truly is nothing to fear as once humanity recognizes these forces are at play, the forces lose power. The forces begin to unravel. This is what your are witnessing within your current systems. The unraveling of ancient systems that were never designed to uplift humanity, only to bring it down.

You are here to witness this system unraveling. You are also here to seek great joy and abundance. It is in the seeking that you are learning the laws of the universe. It is in the seeking that you are beginning to understand the requirements for age-long love and compassion. There is nothing to fear. There is, however, much work to be completed.

In this transmission, we invite you to go into stillness and invite in a very clear perspective, a definitive understanding of your role in this earthly unraveling. YOU are here with purpose. YOU are here to seek unending joy and fulfillment. YOU are not here for suffering. Today, we invite you to leave situations, people and places that pull on your energy field. What is serving you will uplift you. What is for you will create a feeling of joy and uplifting fulfillment. Seek what feels good and holy and sacred and leave behind the things or people that do not serve you or your "holy purpose".

This comes as your reminder to follow your path directly into Divine Alignment. You will know when you are in Divine Alignment as the pieces of your puzzle will simply fall into place. There are no struggles in Divine Alignment. Remember that this state of being requires great surrender. Great allowing. Little resistance. YOU are here for this part of your journey. You are being called to great presence so that your journey is in Divine Alignment according to your plan laid out within your Akashic Recordings.

Last, we invite you to go inward. To look fully at the people that surround you, the places you spend your hours and the thoughts that consume your time. Sift through all of this and CHOOSE. Choose what?

High vibrational thoughts

High vibrational people

Foods that are made in the ground, on the trees, from animals and created with loving intentions

Situations that bring you joy

Reading material that invites you to question your existence, your purpose- things that uplift

Travel that inspires your highest self to speak

Seeking for purpose

Ancient texts that inspire your highest living

Ideas that are full of compassion

Do you understand? Watch what you consume in all ways for your body is a holy temple and you can CHOOSE daily how you honor it.

With all of this transmission in mind, we invite you to see the world through new eyes. View all situations that present in front of you with the questions of love and compassion. Is this kindnesss? Is this compassion in action? Is this for me? Does this resonate with the current journey of my soul?

Know that all is for you and nothing is against you. Know also that we are truly among you, helping, overseeing, witnessing and holding your earthly humanity in light. Go forth in light with all of this knowing. And, so it will be.


I hope this channeled message brings you peace and light. I hope you can read and maybe reread so that your soul can accommodate this message, this knowing. Know that I am sending you great love and surrounding you in white light for your furthered protection on this Earthly journey.

Much Love, Lisa xo


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