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THE WEEKLY 12/22/21

Happy Almost Christmas! The guides are flooding in this morning to share this message about Christ Consciousness and the true meaning of this holiday which many of you are about to experience.

Offered By: The Collective Of Jonah

We are entering a period of extreme insight and knowledge. We call this energy that of the Christ Consciousness. If this is a new term for you, allow us to explain further.

We are well aware that your planet seems to be under siege by forces that many fail to understand. Allow us to say this: You are not under siege per say however, you are under a cover of darkness and it is now time to remove the cover and step into the light. The darkness is simply all of those beings who are not walking in the steps of the Christed One. All those who refuse or who are unable to shed light.

What is Christ Consciousness? This is LIGHT. This is the simple idea that ALL is created from love, of love and for love. When humans choose to act in ways that do not reflect truth and unconditional love, they are not acting as the Christed One. It is with this idea that we believe all humans contain good, contain light and compassion as this Holy One did.

Many humans are entering a time in which they recall the birth of this Most Holy One. This is fine. However, we are inviting you all to understand that you are also the same Most Holy One. There is no separation between you and The Christ. There is no divide. No disconnection. YOU are all pieces of the Holy One. You all embody this Christ Conscious energy. It is what you do with it and how you allow it to shape you that matters.

We are, therefore, inviting all who read this to step into the knowing that Christ lives within you. Each thought, each idea and every action can stem from the energy of The Christed One if the human is open to allowing this energy to shine forth. Be it known that all who walk in his steps have eternal life. There is no death when walking in the footsteps of the Christ. Eternal life and salvation are yours. Why? Because without separation or divide, one has eternal life in the knowing that love is all there is.

Looking at mandates and grim rules, new laws and forced ways of being are all representations of lives that have lost the ability to reconcile with the Christed energy. Anything that severs love and unity is not of Christ. Anything that creates hate and stirs disillusions is not of the "Godness". We invite you in this upcoming year to seek out and to search for all things that create and represent unity. Where there is unity, let no man divide.

We beseech you to stand strong, to step forward in light, to not fall for that which seems the easiest route but to stand for what seems to be surrounded in love. Stepping away from that which feels "bad" and stepping toward what feels grounded in light will surely show you "The Way". When Christ talked and taught of The Way, he had his internal knowing of how the world would rapidly descend into a period of dark, darker than the times in which he lived. Here you are now living this dark. Know that it is okay but it aligns with the Divine Plan of all. All that is dark must fall so that those with the Christed energy can once again reign upon your planet.

How do you help? Each day when you awaken, you call out to the Godhead seeking an invitation to the Light. You continuously seek and search for that which is within the energy of the Christ Consciousness. Within this, you will find no dark. No hatred. No divide. No separation. Only light, community, coming together for good. Also, you will discover those with their own internal knowing that God is Good and nothing else is required for planetary happiness and joy.

Separation was created outside of The Light. Seek community and camaraderie and joy within the light. Know yourself. Know your worth. Know that deep within you lies a well of goodness that was created originally by the Divine Father/Goddess Mother and nothing can put out this flame of glowing light. YOU are the good that this world requires. Be it and in doing so, you become the light of the world that the Christ spoke of so many years ago.

Christ Consciousness is the Energy of Source that flows through all upon your planet and through all within galaxies and star clusters and Universes and it cannot be extinguished. Ever. For All that is within Christ Consciousness will reign forever. All that is not will cease to exist. And, so it is. Forever. Amen.

I hope that you find this message helpful and appropriate with where you are upon your journey. Know that I am sending you many blessings and much love for a beautiful holiday week~ Lisa xo


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