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The Weekly 12/21/22

Welcome to The Weekly! Most Wednesdays, you will find a channeled message here and by subscribing, it comes right to your email! Thank you so much for being here and I hope today's message resonates for you...

Divine Mother~ channeled 12/21/22

You, dear one, are sovereign. What does this mean to you? Let me expound. YOU were destined to be right here, right now. Nothing that you can do will change the fact that you are exactly where you are meant to be. YOU are here to be light. To use your light to be of service to this planet.

Many truths are beginning to unfold but some truths will continue to remain constant, unwavering. The biggest truth of all is that you are God Incarnate and that you are sovereign. This means that no person, no thing, no entity, no religion, no country, no get the idea, can tell you how to live or how to feel or how to believe. YOU are in control of this spiritual, physical and mental journey.

Sit for a moment and take that in. There is no one that is above your own knowing of yourself. You have the ability, the capability, to choose how to live. How to think. How to love. And, how to die. Death is not an event to be feared. Death is a requirement for this life however, how, when and under what circumstances are your choosing. You made a definitive decision on this process before you came into being-ness in this lifetime. It is somewhat changeable due to the circumstances and choices that you encounter while upon the planet. This is not the purpose of this message, however.

The purpose of this message is to remind you that you are a sovereign being. You are designed to choose how to live, think, feel, respond and surrender. What are you choosing? And, more importantly, what are you not choosing because you feel or believe yourself to be powerless?

You are not powerless. You are rich in resources and knowledge and intuition. You have abundant guidance and wealth. Your responsibility while in the physicality is to learn to harness your guidance, wealth, intuition and power. You most definitely are not powerless. You are strong beyond measure and it is this strength that can, will, may carry you through any hardships which are to come.

May I remind you that 2023 is not meant to be an easy year. In fact, none of them are. 2023 is here for your growth. For your expansion. For your learning. Your bravery. You are here to expand in light. With light. Light is your guidance, your intuition, your soul speak. Trust what your are begin told and all will be well. Also, take great care in choosing who and/or what you decide to put your faith in. This can often lead to giving away the power that your guides have worked tirelessly to install deep within you.

You are here upon this planet in this time/space alignment to share your light. If you do not know what your light is, now is the time to investigate. Challenge yourself to dive deeply into all that is meant for you and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you discover.

On a final note, please take care of your body, your soul and your self. Your sovereign self that is. As the planet's guardians are fighting for your sovereignty, it is your duty to rise in strength and power with the knowing of your life's purpose. Shine brightly, dear ones. And, so it is.

I hope this message resonates with you! Have a beautiful and blessed holiday season and check in again next Wednesday~

Many Blessings~ Lisa

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