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The Weekly 12/14/21

If you are new here, WELCOME! I believe that we all come to exactly what we need as we need it. If you have just landed here, then, to that I say...Perfect and divine timing! Each week, I offer to you what has come through in the past week that feels meaningful and authentic in some way in the hopes that it resonates and brings insight to your week. Thank you for finding me and thank you for reading.

The message for this week is coming to you from the Collective of Jonah and I believe that it will bring you some insight and comfort...

Welcome, dear ones. It is our strong desire to offer you a message that will uplift as well as unite. For this is the time in your history when you are so in need of upliftment. Coming together to see likenesses and embrace differences only further allows Light and Light is our origin.

When human beings are searching for oneness, they discover it. When they are looking for darkness, they shall also discover this. So, this is our question. For what do you search? How do you seek? What are your commitments to the Light? We believe that when humans awaken to seeing the light, they can bring more of their awareness to light. We are here to remind you that the dark does, in fact, continue to exist. However, the more in light you remain, the more the darkness can cease. You see?

The planet has recently been flooded by Children of the Light. This should come as no surprise as you are seeing more and more awaken to see that there truly is no "feminine" or "masculine" but only human-ness. This quality of being human or being-ness that is being experienced by these young people is to be applauded. They no longer will allow themselves to be placed into a "box" that demands or requires them to be one way. Girls wearing pink and boys wearing blue, for example. What you will see is both genders complimenting both identities. There will be little divide and much unity. These souls embody the physicality of both strong masculine and feminine sides. Why is this important? Because this is the way in which humanity can see the Godhead in action, in physicality. These children understand that there is no "one way" to BE. They can and are choosing to do life, to live in their being in the way that most suits them at any given moment. They embody an unconditional love of self that stems directly from Source energy. LOVE.

We are tipping our hats to these spiritual beings who are demonstrating God's love and Source Energy Being-ness. Realize that unconditional love can and will continue to take on many forms. Again, we say that there is no right way to be a male or a female. As long as one is being and existing in love, all is well and as it is meant to be.

On this day, we are inviting all who come together in this forum to discover a way to celebrate humanity in it's "being-ness". Remembering that there is no one way to be. As you breathe deeply, you can celebrate your "being-ness". As you move your body or eat healthy foods, you are celebrating your "being-ness". We love this phrase~ being-ness because it so accurately describes the current state of affairs on your physical plane. Know that we are celebrating right along with you.

These young people who find themselves in angst over sexuality, clothing, gender identity as you might say, they are simply highly evolved creatures who are well aware of who they are and from where they originate. Wish them well. Offer them blessings. Give gratitude for their souls as they have incarnated upon your planet to teach those who have not yet reached this level of self-identification or enlightenment. They are moving the planet forward into new stages of life, new evolutions and higher realms of thinking.

We offer all of this with loving insight and great blessings to each and every one of you who are currently on a pathway of evolution. And so it is.


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