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The Weekly 11/3/21

There always appears to be a challenge, doesn't there? We see you. We see you and we acknowledge your struggles and your challenges. We wish for you to know that you are not alone. However, we also wish for you to remember. Actually, to re-remember. Remember that which you have always known. That which you came onto the planet knowing and then promptly forgot.

You are here because you have a mission. You are here because you chose to come here and be a part of this grand awakening. This is not new information! Human beings around your planet are coming back to the knowing of this information. Waking up to the remembering of all that is and was and shall be.

Here is our question: Do you wish to remember? Do you want to be able to remember why you came onto the planet at this time? It can be as simple as placing your hand upon your heart and asking your soul to show you your purpose. Your purpose is that of divine right, divine responsibility and divine obligation. YOU are here today, showing up to do your work because your soul knows exactly what you are meant to do. Your brain, however, can get in the way. It is your brain that worries about what other's think. It is your brain that feels compelled to make more money or work longer hours or focus on the bigger home or the designer clothing. Your soul thinks about being of service and helping others discover their healing. Your soul is ready to feed the poor and clothe the naked. Your soul desires oneness for all. Your soul wants no one to be left behind but is your mind following through with all of these truths?

The soul is divinely guided at all times. We know this as truth thus, we are sharing it with you. The soul has a direct line of connection to the One, to the Godhead, to the Divine Mother. Your soul knows but are you listening to the truths contained deep within your knowing? This is the challenge. This is the remembering of which we spoke. When you can't seem to find your way or make a decision or move yourself forward, simply stop. Put your hand upon your heart and listen. Allow your soul to speak. Quiet the mind and simply allow the soul to whisper gently in your ear. You will be surprised at the information that can be gained by simply taking the time to listen.

Dear Ones, we share all of this to simply help you remember. To trigger that knowledge that so much more than you can physically know is buried deep within you. It is almost like a present that has been hidden. It lies deep within awaiting the time when it can be revealed. Nothing is sacred and yet, all is sacred. The knowing is sacred because once you remember, you can never again not know. It will all be revealed for you at just the right moment but, you are not alone. And, you will not be alone in your remembering for you surrounded yourself with souls who would be also waking up in divine timing with you so as to be your company, your companions and your helpmates.

Feel into these new emotions of knowingness. Share them. Find your tribe of like minded individuals so that you can revel in the knowledge together. Join forces and rise together. Allow the alignment of souls to shatter the prisons in which humans have been held for so long. Know that you are meant to rise together. As one. For the One and all is well.

Many Blessings, Dear Ones.

Channelled 11/1/2021~ The Collection of Jonah

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