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The Weekly 11/24/2021

Happy Wednesday!

If you are new to The Weekly, welcome! This is the space in which I share a weekly channelled message that offers us insight, guidance and information for the next several days. I hope you find it helpful.

I have found that often the messages are extremely meaningful in my life and they continue to resonate in different ways throughout the week. Divine wisdom comes through and impacts us each differently as it meets us each exactly where we are. My hope for you is that each time you absorb this message, it creates change as well as new neural pathways. Happy reading and, as always, reach out if I can be of service! Enjoy today's message...

Lisa xo

Greetings, dear friends.

We come in today to honor all that is upon your planet. We, along with many other beings, are currently watching the evolution occurring on planet Earth and are actually quite excited to witness the changes that are bound to occur in the next few weeks and months. Nothing is off limits as evolution is abundant. As each human prays for guidance or asks for assistance, we all jump to come in and be of service. What many earth beings fail to understand is that when one calls out for assistance, it resonates throughout the galaxies. The simple request can be heard even light years away as we are all connected. We all function as part of one whole. Thus, when one suffers, we all suffer. When one is hungry, we all feel the growling stomach. As one aches in pain and reaches for wisdom, we all experience the emotional energy that is emitted in the longing and desire.

Today, we invite you to ponder the question of "What do I really desire?" This is an ageless question and it seems to be that so many upon your planet have no idea as to what they truly desire. This is okay. Actually, all is okay. However, it is quite difficult for us to be of service to humanity when humanity fails to name their desires. So, again, we shall ask you "What do you really desire?". We are extending an invitation to help. To assist. To offer guidance, wisdom and even financial assistance. All that is required is that you call upon us for help.

When human beings finally come into resonance with the idea that we are all connected and desires are simply thoughts, it becomes much easier for those of us beings on the other side to grant the desires or at least offer help toward the attainment of that said desire. So, again, "What do you really desire?"

Are you in need of guidance for work, human interactions or relationships? We can help. Are you looking to forward your own business opportunities? We can be of service. It is in the definitive asking that you set these purposeful intentions and release them out into this universe. In doing so, light beings everywhere are better able to assist you. Just be cautious of that which you request. Do so with the idea that you will formulate the request, ask it, put it out to the universe and then, simply release it. Do not worry or fret about the request. Do not mull it over within your mind. Simply formulate the request, imagine the feelings within your body as it is granted unto you and then, release it out into the universe knowing that in perfect and divine timing, it will be granted unto you. It might also be helpful to remember the phrase "This or something better" when you make requests. The universe can do more than you can even imagine so leaving the level of abundance open to the universe is wise in itself.

All of that said, we invite you to return to our original question of "What do I really desire?" We notice that human beings spend so much time and energy pondering what they do not want. The better and more useful option is to spend time visualizing yourself having that which you have requested. This vibration is what will actually call in the energy and creation of all that you desire. These are two very different ways to format a desire.

As beings of light, it is our duty as well as our desire, to assist planetary beings in their awakening. This process is not linear and what made sense to you a week ago may no longer seem logical. What is a clear understanding today may become cloudy tomorrow. Going forward, it is necessary that you comprehend that even the most concrete and logical knowledge today may seem like a distant and unneeded bit of knowledge in just a few days. You see, logic is evolving. Knowledge is changing and it is important for all human beings to know that they are on a non-linear continuum. When this knowledge is absorbed, beings can rest easier and release stress out into the universe while bringing in peace and harmony.

We share all of this so as to further assist you in your own evolution. Your thoughts become your reality so, proceed with caution. We invite you to spend some time monitoring your thoughts in the upcoming week. Only allow thoughts centering around that which you do truly desire. And, again, if you are unsure of what your desires really are, spend some time asking yourself "What do I really desire?". Know that we are surrounding you in great love and much white light. Please heed your thoughts with care and caution.

And so it is.


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