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The Weekly 11/17/2021

We come to you as always with messages of Divinity, of relationship, of integrity and of humility. There is nothing we would like more than to simply be permitted to share in this forum the messages that we feel are most pertinent to life upon your planet in this present day.

(Channelled from The Collective of Jonah)

Life upon your planet is nearing a change point. One of drastic change and we do not share this with you to create alarm. More so to allow for a sense of impending change. You might wish to look at these changes with excitement as the entire vibrational frequency of your planet continues to change daily and rapidly. There is absolutely no stopping this trajectory that was begun so very long ago.

When Atlantis fell, Beings bonded together with a plan to create a new system. A new vibratory sequence for your planet. Please do not read this with alarm. This is the Way. Just as the Christ came upon your planet to teach a New Way (which was really an Old Way) we come with this message to allow for the expansion of your thinking.

There is great excitement out within the multi-verse. The planets, the beings of light and galaxies far beyond your comprehension are waking each day to (a pun as we never sleep) discover what new has occurred upon your planet. Spirit legends are watching with interest as the time has nearly arrived.

We invite you to skip fear. Over the "virus". Over the "solutions". Over the trajectory. And, simply know, that your life is about to engage in an entirely new yet very old form of reality. When evil reigns for as long as it has upon a planet such as yours, it requires great force and much assistance from other dimensions to shed that which does not serve the planetary forces of your nations.

We are not in fear and hope to share that you need not fear. If you are reading this, if you are stepping your toe into growth, expansion, spirituality, new dimensions, brave new thought forms and altered states of consciousness or being, you. will. be. fine.

For, God is within each of us and each of you. All you are required to do is connect with that God form inside of you to know that all that you need is rooted in Divinity. There is nothing else for you to do. See, this is not about a religious faith. This is about faith in eternity. Faith in about love unconditionally. All you are required to do is believe in your purpose which is to honor your soul's trajectory and believe in your higher power, your faith strong hold and you. will. ascend. You will be altered into the highest states of consciousness without strife, struggle or trial.

The Godhead, Goddess, Mother/Father is the All. Nothing else matters. Connect in spirit. In divinity. In unconditional love and know that ascension is near. Look at what causes you grief, anger, anxiety and learn to train the mind to set it aside so that you can remain in peace and voila. You have ascended and discovered your own heaven on earth. This is simple. And, it is available to All.

Remember that the Christed One taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is open to all? This is the way, the truth and the eternal life. Love all as God our Divine Mother/Father loves you and nothing else can disturb your inner sanctuary. Prepare for all of those who do not see or understand this wisdom to exit. To leave. Because the root of All in all universes is this. Love as the Divine loves. Be as the Divine Is. Create as the Divines creates. Then, all is well.

And, so it is.


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