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The Weekly 10/4/2023

Happy Wednesday and welcome to The Weekly! It is always with great joy that I sit to take this dictation each week and today is no different. Tapping into a higher consciousness and delivering these messages feels like such an aligning activity for me on my journey. I thank you for being here and I hope that something in today's message resonates with your soul...


Welcome, dear souls.

It is with some excitement that we bring you today's message. Things on your planet are shifting and doing so quickly. Quickly in comparison to the last 2000 years, that is. It is interesting for us to watch and oversee all that is occurring.

This is what we are able to share with you today.Your planet and your people have chosen a new trajectory. Love or as Jesus taught, "The Way", is beginning to take hold in a variety of atmospheres. We are not talking about the version of Christianity that is taught within the religions of the churches. We are talking about the "life philosophy" that is to do unto others as you would have them do onto you. It is also the one of pure connection and unconditional loving and living. This is what the Christed One taught.

When the planetary existence can realize that all is not in alignment, it is only then that real change can be ushered in. This real change is occurring and quickly. Enlightenment or ascension or any other terminology which refers to subjects welcoming this new ideology is happening.

Why do we share this? Because some of you are weary. You are tired of sharing the light. You have become hardened to your path because the fruits of your labors weren't presenting themselves in a quick and timely fashion. We are here today to tell you to stay the course. A new version of "The Way" is being built directly in front of you. It is being created right before your eyes. You must only continue on in true light fashion in order to witness the changes upon your planet.

Now. It is time. For what, you ask? It is time for all awakened souls to arise. To decide what it is that they stand for and be courageous. Stand tall. Speak truths and decide. Decide what? Decide how you want to live and speak and "be".

We realize that these shifts have been occurring for centuries. We also realize that those of you who have continued to reincarnate to do this work are weary but we are to remind you today to stay the course. The time is here. Now. Watch the daily occurrences and know within your being that that which you came for has arrived.

We know this sounds redundant and you have heard it before but we know that when one is in the middle of a great shift, it can be difficult to see the reality that is surrounding you. We are here today to tell you that the time is now and it is here.

What shall you do? You shall stand in the light and bask in it's glory. You shall act with compassion and unconditional love to all living and loving AND non-loving beings. You shall seek kindness and goodness and connection always. You shall continue to talk and share and discuss the teachings of the Great Teacher. You shall look for the connections of all great ones and know that you are acting as you have been so called. This is not a simple task. This work is not for the faint of heart. It is the challenge of your current existence. Seek the light and love in ALL things and so you shall remain in connection with the Divine. These are your instructions.

And, so it is. We wish you well as you continue to stand in the light of the Christed One.


Dear friends,

Today's message feels like a very important one! I hope you will read and reread it so that the words become a part of your understanding.

If you are reading this, chances are good that you are also being called to stand, live and BE in the light. The light is our center of goodness, kindness, love and compassion. Find it within yourself and I will be meeting you there.

Much love, L.


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