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The Weekly 10/25/2023

Good morning and welcome to The Weekly! Each Wednesday, I channel a brief message to be delivered directly to your inbox. I hope you find something here that you can use. Much love~


Greetings from beyond.

It is with great joy that we bring you this morning's message. We are watching. Know this. We are paying great attention and we want to allow you the knowledge that the light is winning. Yes, there is a winning side and a losing side. Yes, we are rooting for the light, the inner work, the expansion and the truth to rule upon your planet.

We know what is currently occurring. We follow the choices of your form of humanity daily and again, we are here to say that the light is on top. This sounds "human-esque". We understand this but we also wish for you to understand that we are in a state of knowing about the "goings on" upon Earth.

The call that goes out to all mankind is one of light, kindness, connection and compassion. There is meant to be no division. You are not meant to choose sides but to love all. Love the murderer. Dislike their acts but love the being for they, too, are here upon the planet to learn many lessons. Love the leaders who are under the control of the entities. Love those who have chosen the dark side while understanding that they are being controlled by a force larger than their knowing. Just love all. The righteous and the unrighteous. Love ALL. What we are attempting to communicate is that the answer to all wars, all upheaval, all discomfort is LOVE.

LOVE is what the Christed being taught. LOVE is the only way to create peace, unity and alignment. The more "unlove" that exists, the greater the chances for discalibration which creates further war, grief, sadness, upheaval, etc. We are here to tell you this morning that your entire planet is waking up and beginning to witness separation as the disease that it is. Connection brings peace. Alignment brings peace and comfort. Separation brings judgement and even war. You are here for peace, for compassion, for unconditional love and for understanding.

Today, as you witness pain, suffering, war, discomfort...we remind you to go inward and call out your greatest aspects of inner love. For what goes on on the inside is what you will see on the outside. As above, so below. As inside, so outside. YOU each have the power to affect change. YOU each have the ability to create a new reality and quickly. It does not have to take another 2000 years. This can be accomplished quite quickly if all upon your planet are to tune into the vibrations of love.

How does one tune into a vibration of love?

By following the guidelines below:

Take exceedingly good care of yourself.

Feed yourself quality foods.

Skip medications/drugs and alcohol.

Sleep well.

Move your body.

Spend time each day in conversation with a higher power.


Be in nature daily.

Be still.


Watch the waves.

Breathe deeply and slowly.

Sit with gratitude.

Send out light to those who need assistance of any type.

Enjoy time with those you care about.

Have real conversations about things that are important to you.

Stay away from the news, social media, etc (low vibrations)

Encourage your home/family/friends to commune for meals, good conversation, etc

Rest your mind, body and soul.

Take up a movement form that you look forward to daily.

Listen to your body when it calls for nutrients, rest, movement, etc

Trust your intuition.


Any or all of these things will assist you as you attempt to raise your vibration into the vibration of high frequency love. This is how the world can be altered. This is how you anchor in the "God-ness" energy that can change the current status of your planet Earth.

We hope you will take this list and begin to incorporate as many of them as possible into your daily living. It is through becoming a beacon of high intention that the planet will be rerouted onto a trajectory of change and everlasting peace.

We hope this message finds you in a state through which you can embrace some minor changes that will have lasting results for your life as well as your planet. And, so it is.


Thank you so much for being here today and for all of the work that you are currently doing to assist in raising the vibration of planet Earth. When human beings make the commitment to heal and improve life upon earth, nothing can stand in the way. Healing is already here. Reach out, witness it and feel into it. Much love, L. xo


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