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The Weekly 10/11/2023

Good morning and welcome to The Weekly! This is my space in which I share a channelled message each week and I am so glad you are here.

This morning is one of a variety of emotions. I made the mistake of turning on the news for a short while just to catch up. Error in judgement on my part. We are all being called to something right now in this now moment. Do you know what you are being called to? I know what I am most definitely NOT being called to. The news.

This is not to say that I am not aware of what is going on in the world. But, it IS to say that I am choosing to hold light for the situation instead of diving into the details. I am well aware that there is evil in the world. I do not have to stare at it or share it or offer it a forum however. So what am I doing? I am spending more time outside, connecting to nature while praying for the light to spread. I am imagining a steady stream of white, unconditional, free-flowing, love coming directly from my heart center out into the world. My hope is that this love reaches the deepest recesses of those who are not feeling light currently. My hope is that by continuing to focus on the light, there is less space for darkness to prevail. You do you. If my way doesn't resonate, discover your own way to make a difference, to hold space for those who are hurting, witnessing grave evil and experiencing loss.You do NOT, however, have to give energy to the evil by staring at the news or following every current event. This gives energy to the negative instead of growing the energy of the positive. Be aware of this!

That is my thought for the morning. Now, lets see what the guides have to offer us this morning...


Good morning.

We come through this channel for a variety of reasons this morning, the largest being that we want you to understand that you are not alone. In fact, you are surrounded. In goodness. In light.

From the galaxies and beyond, we are watching the "Earth School" news play out. We are watching goodness overcome evil at every point. We are bearing witness to those persons who are stepping into their most vibrant knowing as they fail to become sucked into the main stream flow. We want you all to know that we ARE paying attention.

Those who are being called to share a form of light and unconditional love are beginning to do so without censorship. Those who are here on your planet with a mission of Divine Love are bearing witness to their calling. Our question for you today is simply this...

What are you being called to do?

How are you being nudged to act?

What actions, filters, modes, mediums are reaching out to you through the realms, through the dimensions and requiring you to act?

This is not a time of simple answers. This is a time of great upheaval. In fact, you have little recognition of what is to quickly engulf your planet but it does not matter if you continue to hold the light. By holding the light, you open your planet to a variety of outcomes. To anchor in the goodness- that is the calling card of the Divine.

The truth is that all upon Earth have been designated with a mission. Unfortunately, some cannot bear witness to their mission and have turned to the evil or the dark side. For some of them, there is no recovery in this lifetime. They are lost. But, for others, there is still time to awaken to hope and to light.

We realize that this is a scary time. That life on your planet feels foreboding. However, we also know that there is light at the end. There truly is an ascension process that is revealed for each individual as they recognize there own, individual process of learning, that of accepting their own Divinity.

The truth? Ascension comes from within with the recognition of the God within. Divinity and salvation come when and only when the human form discovers that the Divine lives within. There is no savior coming to save you. The Christed One came to teach and share wisdom but he does not save you. By reading his teachings, you are meant to learn to save yourself. You are meant to open to the divinity that lives deeply within you. This is your goodness. This is your light. This is The Way.

So, again, we ask of you....

What are you here upon your planet to do and to learn?

How are you meant to shine your light in the way that only you can do?

Know that we are surrounding you and your planet with loving kindness, compassion and blessings. Know that you have all that you require as you go deeply within yourselves. You are whole. You were never broken or fragmented. You have simply forgotten that all you need is within you. We hope you remember soon. Awaken, for the time is at hand.

And, so it is.


I hope this short message resonates with your soul in some way. I am sending light and blessings out to each of you for the revelation of your Divine purpose and the Divinity within you. Much love, L. xo


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