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The Weekly 1/5/2022 We are the fruits of our labor!

Again and again, this phrase has come to me over the past few days. What are YOU trying to produce, create? I would like to stop hearing this phrase rattling around in my brain but I sense that it is there for a purpose, a reminder perhaps? I am on a bit of a break right now as I am recalibrating and renewing so, I am welcoming each bit of constructive guidance as it comes through. We are the fruits of our labor...

Today's message is coming to us from Archangel Raphael and I hope that it resonates for you:

Greetings. It is my pleasure to converse with you even for a short while today. Be it know that all angels or Angels are hovering to rescue, to come to the aid of those in need, to guide and to nudge. I am here to share some interesting information that some of you will find intriguing while others may have already been introduced.

YOUR HEALTH IS WITHIN YOUR CONTROL! You have the ability to remain healthful and well. You also have within you the ability to allow for sickness or dis-ease. How am I in control you might ask?? YOU are the fruits of your labors. The "how" you treat your body and your struggles and your hardships is the tell-tale sign of your health and wellness.

If you deal with problems directly, you are 98% less likely to develop an illness from this hardship. If you face it and do not ignore the emotional states, healing occurs almost instantaneously and your body lets go of the emotions. If you choose to NOT deal with a problem, a volatile situation or an intense emotion, you are likely to feel it in your physical body on some level. Now or in the future. I am asking you to see this process for yourself.

If you are to walk upon your planet, thinking about getting a virus, you will get a virus. If you are to walk upon your planet, giving praise and gratitude to your body and immune system, those systems will continue to function on a high level. The choice is yours. If your body is holding onto an illness, choosing to LOVE the illness and your physical body will help the symptoms dissipate and the illness retreat. You, again, are in control. Did you know that in the days of the goddesses walking upon your planet, a woman only was pregnant with child at a time of her choosing? Why? Because she knew that she was ONE with her body. An awareness of the thoughts creating things were the prevalent force at the time. Conception only occurred at the bidding of the divine feminine. Something to think about...

Back to your health. You most defiantly are the fruit of your own labor. If you currently suffer from "feminine issues", infertility, terrible PMS, cramping, acne, anything related to your female biology, think to your past. Have you felt belittled as a female? Have you ever been sexually assaulted or abused without dealing with the strong emotions attached? Do you wish that you weren't feminine or maybe you wish to be more feminine....whatever the case, your body reacts to the emotions. The exact same scenarios can be applied to the males. A male with prostate cancer...Is he feeling "less masculine"? Has he been beat down for his masculinity or told that he was part of the "problem male patriarchy" on your planet? The same understanding applies.

Your physical bodies are the direct result of the choices that you complete. Good. Bad. Neither. . Either. Life is all about your choices, your thoughts and your beliefs. What you choose to believe becomes true in your p reminder, Whether physical form. So, my friends, it is necessary to watch your thoughts and feelings quite carefully. How do you "choose" your feelings? You are in control of HOW you process emotions. Not which emotions present to you but HOW you process them! Feel them. Acknowledge them. Accept them. Be non-judgmental with them. And, when you feel ready, release them from your physical body so that they do not overstay their welcome.

Realizing that as humans, you have control over your physical body can be empowering. Realizing that you don't have to be sick or hold onto an illness is empowering. Knowing that you can release whatever is needed for optimal health and wellness can be a part of your healing process. There are many upon your planet who are currently opening to this viewpoint. Thus, holistic practitioners and healers will be doing quite a bit of work as humans begin to awaken to the true ways of health and healing. Treating symptoms has become your medical model. Please know that this does no one any good. This only prolongs the symptoms and prevents healing and treatment.

Know yourself. To thine own self be true. No truer words have been spoken. Feel into your physical body and release what there is no longer room for. Even past hurts can still reside deep in the fascia if they aren't carefully and considerately released for the Universe to carry. Don't carry your hurts. Please do the deep work of healing and release what no longer needs to be within you. This way is the way to health. And, so it is.


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