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The Weekly 1/4/2023

Welcome to The Weekly and welcome to 2023!! I believe that we are heading into a huge year of POSSIBILITIES! That word is coming straight from my guides and I absolutely love it. Possibilities...

I have found myself in a very unusual situation this January. For the past several years, I have ordered my new planner in mid-December. I have sat for hours to come up with my vision board for the upcoming year. I have created goals and intentions. I have pondered my future.

What is unusual? This year, I have done very, very little of any of it. I am finding myself immersed in my present. I have become tuned in to the daily messages and prompts from my guides and I feel like that is "enough". I am enough. Today. Right now. In this body. With this knowledge. I am open to whatever comes next but I have lost the urge to try to control it. That isn't to say that I don't believe in grand manifestation, because I absolutely do! I KNOW that our thoughts create things but I am spending these next few months in a present state of being and allowing. I hope you can find some surrender to possibilities this month~

Todays message is coming from a group collective energy calling themselves Joshua~

Welcome to this space. We invite you to become still. To become present. Present in your knowing and in your believing. There is a force well beyond your comprehension at play in your world and this force is benevolent. The force has the best interest of you and your planet at the forefront. We will call this force the ALL.

Today, the ALL wishes you to understand that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is unknown outside of your world- the Earth. The hidden secrets? Well known and observed. The humans who are in power and believe that they control the future? False in their reasoing and seen by the ALL. The ALL is that force that sees all and understands. It is the force that is present, past, future, unknown and known all at once. It is this force, this Divinity, to which you converse, you pray and you connect. This ALL is nature. It is water. It is Earth. It is the breath of a baby and the last sigh of the elderly as they return home. The ALL is ALL. The ALL sees and knows all. Nothing is secret, hidden or protected and all is seen, known and visible.

Why is this information important to you and your fellow humans on Earth? The days are limited for those who lack belief and understanding. The days are limited in which these "humans" will continue to create havoc, chaos and unrest. Earth was designed to be a place of goodness, of light. Not competition. Not strife. Earth is THE place for learning and for possibilities. As humans dive into new learnings, they are opening themselves and their minds up to the ALL. To the divine messages that support this learning. YOU are doing this as well. Feel into new possibilities.

We mean only to bring you the idea that the ALL knows, sees, hears and understands all that occurs upon your planet. Nothing is hidden. Therefore, choose always to be your best self. Your highest self. The YOU that is worthy of this planet. You are created in the image, the exact image, of the ALL and therefore, you are worthy of all goodness, of all love and of all abundance. Nothing is out of reach for you in your worthiness. Believe this and you shall not falter. Believe this and all goodness shall come to you until the end of your days upon this Earth.

We thank you for your listening and for your own knowing. YOU are exceptional and your belief is noticed on the other side. Trust and open to new possibilities and know that we are with you always.

And, so it is.

I hope this message resonates with you on some level! 2023 feels like it is going to be huge in the arena of growth and learning. If you are searching for your own growth, I would highly suggest an Akashic Records Reading in which we can dive into your purpose and plan for this lifetime. Is there a possibility that is awaiting your trust?? Are you hesitant to dive into your new "work"? Maybe 2023 is the year~

Many Blessings, Lisa xo


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