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The Weekly 1/25/2023

Welcome to The Weekly! This is my little space to share a weekly channeled message. I never know the source until I sit down to type but what I do know is that these messages are important. They mean something. They impact people and are helping in some way and that is why I take the dictation each week. If they resonate with you, please feel free to share them. If not, return later and maybe the next one will be more for you. Where ever you are in time and space, know that I am sending you abundant love and compassion. Blessings for a beautiful weekend ahead~

L. xo

This message is for all of you who can relate to the Divine Mother Mary- a goddess in her own right. Mother Mary seeks us each out to remind us that we are created in the exact image of the Divine. Therefore, we are perfection exactly as we are. When we look into a mirror and frown at the image looking back at us, we send our disappointment to the Divine Creator and... maybe to our earthly parents as well? There is only perfection in that mirror and nothing else. And, there is no such thing as Earthly perfection.

Do you wish for me to explain? On the heavenly plane, all is perfect. Divine perfection. Nothing needs "fixing", "changing" or "improving". All is made exactly as it is meant to be. On the Earthly plane, there is no such thing as perfection. This is not obtainable because there is always room for change or improvement. Why, then, does this topic feel so unclear? Because it all depends upon the lens through which you are viewing each situation.

As an earthly mother to the Christ child, I had a difficult earthly situation as no one could understand the sovereign means of the conception. I simply had to say yes and acknowledge the miracle that was imminent and so it was. From the heavenly perspective, it was simple to understand that I had been chosen and thusly agreed to be a part of this story knowing full well that it would be told for ages to comes. Did I know that it would be told and analyzed and then evaluated so intensely? Of course not but that was not of importance to me. My concentration was to fulfill my role, my obligation, my duty and then have full faith that all would turn out exactly as was necessary for the future of humanity.

This situation was all about my perspective. I had two choices. 1. To argue, to question and try to understand. 2. To hold true to my faith and know that my God was in control at all times. When one is able to understand the latter and hold strong to their own belief that all is well and this higher Source energy truly is in control, one can remember that there is absolutely nothing to fear.

You, dear ones, reading this today are in the exact same dilemma but within situations that involve your own interactions, your own dilemmas and life choices. You can argue, fight fate and try to be in control while you understand or you can hold strong to your faith and simply trust.

I was called in a difficult circumstance to hold strong to my faith and simply trust. Two thousand years later, the story (albeit it with some alterations) is still being told. YOU have the ability to strongly TRUST. YOU are capable of having a faith that is of Divine strength. It matters not the situation. It only matters your perspective and your ability to trust.

As each member of humanity is being called to trust their Divine calling and their Divine intuition, there is nothing too large or too grand or too difficult for you to overcome. This is the message of this transmission. YOU are being called to greatness. To understanding. To Divinity. To your inner most knowing. Nothing is beyond your limitations. You embody a strength and a knowing so strong and so fierce that nothing is too much for your physicality. This knowing is deeply embedded within the soul. Take this journey and do not go backwards. Only forward.

How do I know all of his? Because I witness it with you daily, dear ones. For what one experiences, the ALL experiences. You are not alone in this or in any scenario. You are surrounded in loving hope, help and compassion by us here on the other side. In each moment, you choose strength and resilience or worry and trepidation. Lacking faith and trust in the Divine is simply human. BUT, you are being called to be more than simply human. It most definitely is time for humanity to become "more than human". More than just the physical body. It is time for each soul to rise toward the Source of ALL That Is. Rise, dear friends. Trust, dear ones. Believe, dear humans, for there is so much more for you to see than what your physical eyes can behold. Look into the Spirit realms. Seek what you believe is there even when you can't prove it. All is available to you as you have faith in what cannot be seen. Trust and, so it is.

I thank you with great reverence for reading this transmission. Know that if it resonates within your soul, then, it was sent exactly for your soul. Thank you.


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