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The Weekly 1/12/22

Welcome to The Weekly on this chilly Wednesday morning! I awoke this morning surrounded in Divine Unconditional Love and that is exactly what I wish to share with you this morning.

Today's message is coming from The Pleiadians who always make me feel settled, comfortable and refreshed in my physical body. I hope it feels that way for you this morning as well:

Greetings, Star Beings! You laugh at the title Star Beings? Only because it sounds so unfamiliar to you. Only because, at times, as a human, you forget that you are first and foremost, a Star Being. A being of light. A simple extension of the unconditional love of the All. So, Star Beings, today, it is.

We welcome you to this new day and are here to remind you that it is also a New Dawn. Right on the horizon, there is newness, strength and courage. All of this you knew existed but have since forgotten. There is only room for newness, strength and courage.

Your planet, you see, is at a tipping point. The place where good and evil meet. And, suddenly, the good is beginning to outweigh the bad. The seers out number those who remain in the dark. The light is winning. It is overshadowing the dark and it is time for celebration, dear friends. It has taken some time but we would like to congratulate every single one of you who has played some role in creating this paradigm shift. We would like to welcome you to the New Earth- for it is time.

When we begin to share all of this, some of you humans tend to shrink. You make yourself smaller and think...I didn't have any part in that. In truth? Every single human being who has committed to acts of kindness has participated. Every body on your planet who has gloriously rolled up their sleeves and had conversations about the Christed One, about the All or the One has participated. Every single human who has called out darkness or sadness or grief and named it for what it is has participated.

We are here today to tell you that the Light is winning. There is no dark that can withstand the least, not for long because the forces of light shall always prevail. There is no dark strong enough that cannot be transmuted into light with enough human courage. Thus, we are here today to exclaim that the light is overcoming all that feels dark.

In these last days of this fight, we offer you this:

Please continue to stand in your authenticity.

Please speak your truth for all that you believe to be truth.

Please do not shrink yourself so as not to be recognized as one of the light bringers.

Please stand strong in your ethics, your morals, your beliefs.

Please do not rely on other humans to support you. Rely on the One, True God, Source of All.

Please remain in your light even if others fall into the dark.

Please look deeply at every thing and every one. Seek the light and do not hesitate to walk away from anything and/or anyone who feels even slightly dark.

Please remember that you stand for the light.

Know you are from light and to light you will return.

Fight well for the good fight is now upon you.

And so it is, sweet friends. And so it is.


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