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Good Morning! It's great to have you joining me each morning for these short messages. I do my best to listen to those little spiritual nudges and these morning messages are one of them. There are only a few early morning channeling left and I hope they have helped you move forward in your journey of spiritual discovery...

Day 28~

We only can do our best. No matter how we try to expand our thinking or evolve, we can only do our best. My guides have been reminding me to be gentle with myself and to offer myself grace often as these are not simple times. Today, I offer you that same reminder. Offer yourself grace. Allow yourself the ability to make mistakes or the time to try again. That is the universal way.

The Goddess Speaks~

Welcome to this space and these morning channelings. Todays message is one of self-care. It is a reminder to give yourself the time and energy thatits often give to others. Allow your body time to rest and regenerate as needed. Know that your physical self is often a direct reflection of your inner self.

When one constantly disregards the needs of the physical self, one usually will end up sick or exhausted or overwhelmed. There must be boundaries with how humans treat or take care of the physical body. Nurture your body as a precious gift from the Divine Spirit. It is the only physical body you will receive in this life time and it is most definitely a gift.

This morning, I invite you to sit quietly for a few moments, place your hand on your heart and ask your body "What do you most need today?" The answers in that moment of stillness may surprise you.

Our bodies have their own mind. They think outside of our thinking minds. This may sound a bit odd at first consideration but the physical body is it's own entity with specific needs and requirements. When you open space and allow it to speak, there will be answers. Maybe your body needs more sleep or less food, less alcohol or more plants? Possibly your body will demand more gentle movement, stretching, yoga or walking? No matter how your body responds, it is quite important for you to ask and allow time for the answers to filter through.

This morning ask your body..."What do you most need today?" and simply wait for it to respond and then, act accordingly.

Many blessings from this side and so it is.

*We only have two more early morning messages. If they trigger you or cause you to think differently, please send them along to someone else who might benefit from reading them. Sending you so much love, L.


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