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Hello and Happy Friday! The weeks seem to fly by so quickly sometimes, right? I am posting this in order to share these new messages but also, maybe, to trigger you in some new way.

If you find that these messages create a train of thought that you find difficult or a bit unnerving, simply step away until you are able to be still and ask yourself why. We are all capable of being triggered emotionally over things big and small right now. Triggering you is not the intent. However, creating space for you to think outside of the box a bit is. Allow yourself to get clear on what is creating the unease and that will be your a-ha moment!

Day 9~

Under the cover of darkness, I write. I listen to my guides and I open up gently and courageously to the simple messages that they believe we, here on earth, need to know. These messages come through me but they are not of me. I believe that it is important to share this because, although, I own them as mine, they truly do come from outside sources and are designed explicitly to help us all along our journey. I hope they help you as much as they help me.

The Goddess Speaks~

Good Morning~ Dear Ones,

It is with great pleasure and a bit of trepidation that I begin to share with you today. Through Lisa, I am able to offer you a simple message~ one which might just make you a bit uneasy. Change is coming. In big and small ways, things are about to change. Your equilibrium may notice it first. Your sense of oneness with the planet may be impacted soon after. Realize that you are not going crazy. You are not insane. YOU, dear one, are a sensitive being who just happens to tune into the energetic frequencies surrounding you.

Today, I am inviting you to dive into your own knowingness and see if you are indeed prepared. Ask yourself these questions but do not answer them from your mind. Respond with the heart center. Feel into each question and see how your body would like to respond. Understand also that if you feel the need to reject these questions, then do so and do so whole heartedly. Not being ready is not a sign of weakness. It is simply a message to you that you are not on a vibrational level to accept this line of questions. Remember also that there is no judgement where I exist. Judgement is a thing of your world. Not mine.

How prepared is my household for a major transition? Do we have all that we need to be comfortable for a few weeks without outside intervention?

Remember, it is okay to push back from these questions. Fear can be a huge motivator for many but it can also block the flow of energy and this is what we most want you to avoid. If you or your household is not prepared for a "stay home emergency" maybe now is a good time to take a little look to see what changes or preparations you could make to feel more at ease with these types of questions.

Again, I would invite you to ask:

How prepared is my household for a major transition? Do we have all that we need to be comfortable for a few weeks without outside intervention?

Please do your best not to be triggered by fear and simply allow yourself to feel motivated to create a place of serenity as well as preparedness. Know that all is well in your heart and so it will be.

Sending Blessings to ALL upon your planet and, so it is.

*If this message resonates with you, I invite you to share it with those close to you who might benefit from these words. Another message will be sent out tomorrow morning at 5am and for the next 21 days. Allow yourself to feel into these messages and take what you need. Much love~ L.

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