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Welcome to Day 8 of this Find Your Light series! I am so glad you found me. My main hope is always that people will come to this site and this information at their own divine timing and here you are.

I will always continue to remind readers to take what resonates and leave the rest. Decide for yourself what feels true to your soul and disregard the pieces that you don't yet need. I thank you for being here and sharing this morning space with me.


I have been pondering the idea of a calling these past few days. How do we know that we are following our calling? I always have that innate knowing when I am in alignment with the guidance I am receiving because I feel it deep within me. I believe the same is true with our calling or even our life purpose. When something resonates, we feel it. It becomes a gut knowing. Don't you love when that feeling washes over you and you just know?

The Goddess Speaks~

Dear Ones,

It is with absolute fear that some of you approach your day while others dive in with a complete sense of wonder and joy. For some, it only matters that you awaken and be. For others, you must see the purpose and feel the specific joy BEFORE it makes sense or you feel propelled to move forward. This morning, no matter how you are approaching this new day, I invite you to begin with prayer.

Prayer can begin as a simple "Thank you" for all of the blessings that surround you. Prayer can look like a single deep breath in the morning sunlight. Prayer is connecting to breath, earth, your own sense of self and your being-ness.

This morning as we move about your day, I invite you to breathe with deep respect and presence for the dawning of this new day. I encourage you to start your day with a simple thank you. So many times, that simple thank you, those words and thoughts of gratitude for what has been offered to you is the act that brings in even more of this specific abundance.

As you begin your day, ask yourself...

What have I been given that I would love more of?

How can I use my blessings to help others in my unique way?

All souls incarnate with a very definitive purpose. Sometimes, the human soul understands this purpose innately and organically. Other times, the soul must seek the purpose with genuine intent. No matter where you are along this path of your soul's purpose, know that by offering gratitude for the blessings that you have been gifted by the Divine will increase the abundance tenfold.

Again, I remind you to invite in knowing to these questions....

What have I been given that I would love more of?

How can I use my blessings to help others in my unique way?

No matter what answers come through, I again invite you to utilize the simple prayer of "Thank you" for all of the good blessings and difficult struggles. For, within each of these, lies the beginnings of new learnings.

And, so it is for all to hear.

*If this message resonates with you, I invite you to share it with your friends and family. You never know when you are being asked to become the messenger. These messages will be sent out at 5am for the next 22 days. Thank you for joining me each morning and thank you for honoring the callings of your soul. Much love~ L.


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