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Welcome to Find Your Light~ A 30 Day Channeled Series. I will be forever grateful for those of you who take the time to hop on and read these channeled messages. I hope the information serves you on your path towards your highest alignment. Many Blessings, L.

Day 6~

We are all on a journey. Different and yet, the same. We are all seeking to become the best versions of ourselves. Sometimes, that journey feels easy and other days, it can be a struggle. It is often only when we step back and surrender, do we feel comfort. We are not in control. The Divine is. We are here to surrender and listen and then, hopefully, be able to act. In accordance with our highest good.

The Goddess Speaks~

I come today with a very simple reminder.

Do as you wish but love all and harm none. As the teachings of Christ directed, love others as you wish to be loved. Treat others with the kindness and compassion that you desire for yourself. These messages are not new but incredibly important. If you hear nothing else from these teachings, hear this: YOU are the creator of your tomorrow. If you wish it to be filled with kindness, joy, love and compassion…you must live today in this way.

I guide you to invite in the answers to these questions.

How can I love greater?

What do I want my tomorrow to look like?

It is only in putting ourselves and our emotions into the equation that we are able to judge the volatility of our thoughts, words, actions or deeds. Again, I would like you to ask yourself:

How can I love greater?

What do I want my tomorrow to look like?

Sit with these answers. Journal about them. Reflect. And, then, make changes accordingly.

May all of you with ears to hear, listen, trust, believe and act.

And, so it is.

*If this message resonates with you, please share and invite your friends to join us. These messages will be sent out each morning at 5am for the next 24 days. Thank you for showing up for yourself and these messages. Keep listening and again, take what you need. Leave the rest. ~L.


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