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Good morning and welcome to day 30 of this FIND YOUR LIGHT Series! I hope this day finds you healthy, happy and whole. I also hope that you are heading into a light-filled weekend.

I always say that we get exactly what we need, as we need it. This little project has been just that for me. I have had a busy and very eventful month and coming back to this writing space each morning has continued to keep me centered and focused on the unique gifts that Spirit sends our way. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for showing up here each morning and sharing this journey with me.

Day 30~

Life sometimes seems to get in the way, right? We all have our goals and our challenges but we often think that living our life and following through with our commitments makes achieving our goals more difficult. Some days, those things that we "have to do" seem monumental and in the way of our callings.

The truth is that our "life" is meant to be our calling. If we feel like we have too many tasks that are time fillers and not enough time spent on our passions and our true callings, then it may be times to reevaluate! Take some time day to look deeply into how you are spending your days, where your time goes. Are you on task with things that feel like they are leading you where you want to go or are you completing a lot of "time filler" activities? Life is short. Live your dreams with each decision of how you spend your time!

The Goddess Speaks~

30 days. If you have been here for all of them, a huge shout out. Kudos! On Earth, humans seem to have forgotten their purpose for be-ing. YOU are on this planet and in this incarnation to live fully, to experience the things that were specifically designed to strengthen you, stretch you, expand you and force you to grow. If you are not experiencing these things, then maybe, just maybe, you need to evaluate how you are spending these precious days!

If you have been logging on here for the full 30 days, my hope is that you have found some small pieces of inspiration, some words that have changed you. YOU are the reason that you must show up Every. Single. Day. Today, I am asking you to pat yourself on the back a bit. Look deeply at these past 30 days and ask yourself~

"What have I gained by reading these 30 days of messages?"

"How have I encountered growth and in what ways have I changed?"

Human beings are designed to be fluid creatures. You are meant to alter, change, reconfigure and grow. If you are living a life that feels stagnant or still, my hope is that something we have offered to you has allowed for some growth and expansion. I thank Lisa for sharing this space and her morning offering of time and energy so that we might bring these messages forward. Nothing is so big or so difficult that you cannot manage it or be changed for the better.

Again, I ask that you spend a few quiet moments and invite in the answers to these two questions:

"What have I gained by reading these 30 days of messages?"

"How have I encountered growth and in what ways have I changed?"

Know that your guardian angels and your guides are with you. Know that you are constantly and consistently surrounded by white light energy that persists even when you deny its existence. Know fully and believe that all is well within you and around you. You only need to dedicate a small portion of your time and your day to your expansion to feel fully in alignment with the plan that Divine Spirit has in place for you. And, so it is.

*If you have made it to today and you are still reading each morning, thank you so much for joining me along this journey. I believe that we are all connected and inter-connected and we have so much to teach each other by using our individual talents, gifts and abilities. Today, I complete this little project while knowing that my guides will quickly open the knowing for the next project. I believe this is true for you also. Stay open and move forward in faith and in light. Much love and many blessings, ~L.


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