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Welcome back! Again and again, I find myself sitting in gratitude for this little community of readers. I have always been a reader and knew that I wanted to write. For a long time, life had other plans~ marriage, kids, music, the classroom. And, then, one day, the nudge to write was too strong to deny. That's how you know you are in alignment!

I hope today's message finds you healthy, happy and whole! Much love and happy reading~

Day 29~

As we come to the next to the last day, I find myself pondering the idea of timing. Divine timing, that is. There is always a plan for us, always a unique pathway. We, as humans, somehow allow the path to get clouded. Always, when the way clears, we feel better. We feel like we are doing that thing we are here to do. I hope that is how you are feeling with your life right now. I hope you are doing exactly what you came to Earth to do. And, if not, then, I hope you can course correct and find your way back to your most Divine path.

The Goddess Speaks~

We do our best to deliver the messages that are required on any given day. Today, we are asking you to fully believe in yourself and your Divine plan. Spirit has this pathway cleared for you. You only need to ask for the guidance needed to see the pathway clearly.

Every morning upon rising, we would invite you to sit on the edge of your bed, close your eyes, take a deep breath and gentle ask:

"What is it that you want me to do today?

How can I live to fully support myself upon this journey?"

By asking these two questions and putting them out to the Universe for answering, you are doing your part to listen to the nudges that keep you and your soul in alignment with your Divine pathway.

"What is it that you want me to do today?

How can I live to fully support myself upon this journey?"

We hope you are well today. Don't be fooled into thinking that as hard things, even "bad" things, happen that you are alone. Remember that ALL is Divinely timed. Even those things that separate humans. Even those events that wreak havoc or create (supposedly) chaos. ALL is Divinely timed and you are called to support yourself through the events, through life so as to best keep your soul moving in the directions of its abundance. And, so it is.

*Please note that these messages end tomorrow. My hope is that they have helped you process something or created space for new learning. Know that I hold all who read these words in love and compassion. Much love until tomorrow~ L.


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