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Welcome to Find Your Light~ A 30 Day Channeled Series. It is my hope that each morning when you jump into the energy of each of these posts they resonate. They make sense to you. They change you somehow. For that is their purpose. Change.

Upon waking, I also am hoping that you take a few deep breaths and fill your lungs. Allow your mind to surrender to the day ahead and allow your thoughts to relax. Surrender and relaxing are ways or thought processes that can help you to shift into a much higher vibrational energy. Trust me, it works!

The Goddess Speaks~

Today will be brief but meaningful. It is in your best interest to know, fully believe, trust and understand that YOU are exactly where you are meant to be. YOU chose this life. This timeline. These struggles. This family. Those parents. That job. Those children. NOTHING IS HAPPENSTANCE. NOTHING IS WITHOUT PURPOSE.

Therefore, when you believe all of that to be truth, we believe that you MUST take some time today with this simple question. "Why did I choose ...?"

Look at your partner and ask.

Evaluate your job or career and ask.

See your family members through the eyes of this question.

Examine your vibrational level and question it.

Ask about your current spiritual path and beliefs.

"Why did I choose...? "

For example:

Why did I choose this husband?

Why did I choose this occupation?

Why did I choose to be Catholic/Baptist/Atheist etc?

Why did I choose to attend college?

Why did I choose to have/not have children?

Every single thing in your life has been chosen either consciously or unconsciously. The job today is to question why and then to unpack those answers. Every thing is important. ALL is valuable in the trajectory of your future. This learning and self-evalluation is so very important and much needed. Best wishes and, so it is.

*If this message resonates with you, I invite you to share it or pass it along. Todays message is a valuable prompt and I hope it moves you forward. Sending you much love, L.

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