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Good Morning! What a pleasure to join you for this day 26! I don't know about where you are but here in the mountains, we are waking up to frosty cold. It is a simple reminder that we are heading into winter, into hibernation.

Do you feel hibernation time coming? That stillness after a busy summer and fall? I am looking forward to some time to go inward, some time to allow myself to rest and reconfigure for next year...

Day 26~

When we are called to go inward, there is always a good reason. The possibilities are endless but going inward is usually a sign that some growth is required or maybe some rest. We, as humans, are all on a path that requires change and evolution. Today and this month feel like a time of preparation. I believe we are preparing for the next season- winter. Join me in saying goodbye to summer and sitting in awareness as fall turns the leaves to beautiful colors and the trees begin to shed.

The Goddess speaks~

Welcome, dear ones. Today in the glory of this season, I am inviting you to go inward along with me. All on your planet and elsewhere are currently feeling the desire to recalibrate in the new energy of Earth that is beginning to filter out through the galaxies. You see as one planet evolves, all evolve. This is the inter-connectedness of which I speak.

In all galaxies, it is important to remember that all is connected and intertwined. Nothing is separate. When one planet suffers, the All suffers. When one planet evolves, this is also true as the All evolves. Therefore, today, you are called to remember that there is truth in this simple statement. YOU are never alone. YOU are constantly and consistently offered wisdom in multiple forms.

What, then, is your responsibility in this? You are guided to remember that there is nothing you face which requires you to walk away from your help, your guides or your intuition. Even your intuitive self is attaching in part to the ALL making it simple for you to receive messages and find your path.

Today, I am inviting you to ask this simple question:

"What would I do or attempt to do if I knew I had all of the help I required and I could not fail?"

You are designed to have ego. Ego is the part of the self that requires cheering on. It thrives in success and feels devastated with failure. The true self knows that there is no failure. There is only attempting and challenging and trying. I am also here to remind you that there truly is no failure. There are simply other ways of completing a task or getting to an end point. There is no failure except in the ego mind. When one can let go of ego and see each experience as a learning lesson, then there is growth.

Again, I would invite you to explore this question:

What would I do or attempt to do if I knew I had all of the help I required and I could not fail?

No matter how you answer this question, I would encourage you to look deeply at your first responses. These are usually those things that you KNOW. Those ideas that resonate deeply within the soul. And, so it is.

*If this Day 26 message resonates with you, I ask you to share it or send it to a friend. We are all connected and what impacts one, impacts all of us. Sending you blessings for a beautiful Monday. ~L.


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