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Welcome! It is hard to believe that we are at day 25. I am usually up for a challenge but 4 am is a bit hard!? I love the dawn, though. It's my favorite time of the day. Everything is just beginning to wake up. Shaking the sleep out. Breathing deeply and beginning.

Today, is no different. Breathe deeply. Invite in new energy and find your purpose for today. This day. There are no two days alike just like the body is never the same body twice. Each night as we sleep, our body changes. It recalibrates. Our hair and nails grow. Our skin is replenished. Our organs work. Our body rests, regenerates and when we awaken, we are renewed. A fresh start. I try to offer gratitude for each new day and maybe you can, too?

The Goddess Speaks~

Good morning, dear ones. It is a pleasure to speak with you this fine morning. In fact, it is always a pleasure. We love the opportunity to connect and to have this forum to offer some new ideas or reassurances. The truth is that this is our responsibility in the grand scheme of the Universe. We are guides. We are guardians. It is our "job" to remind you of all of these pieces of information in order to make your days a bit easier and your thoughts a bit clearer.

If you are feeling that there is never enough time, we invite you to ponder that feeling a bit. Time is of the essence. There are many statements like this that refer to the importance of time in your world and on your planet. However, today, we wish to look at time through a different lens.

The next time you find yourself saying that "I don't have enough time"- rethink. Reword. Rephrase. Simply say "This is not my priority." You see, as a human, you will constantly and consistently make time for that which you feel is valuable or important and those things which do not rank high on your priority list will fall by the wayside.

Again, the next time you feel the time conundrum, we invite you to say "This is not my priority." See how this statement resonates. Feel your way into it. This statement is a good way to begin to reorganize your to-do list and see what you can release and what you can tend to. This is especially useful when "finding time" for kind works or compassionate deeds. It also works well for the times when you feel pulled in many directions. If something truly matters to you, you will choose to make it your priority and rework your time.

Last, a final reminder that time on our side is very different than time on the Earth. We encourage you to look at time as if it is in great abundance for this is truth. All of the time that you require exists. You only need to decide how to spend your minutes, hours and days. And, so it is.

*If this message resonates with you, I encourage you to share it or send it to a friend. We only have 5 more remaining mornings in this challenge~ L.

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