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Welcome! I have had a few people join us midway through this series and I want to extend to them a huge thank you! Feel free to go backwards and read those messages that you may have missed. The order does not matter. Each message is its own and can stand alone. They are each designed to offer you something to allow space for change.

Thank you for joining us and I hope these messages resonate with you and help you to expand in some way.

Day 22~

What ever the cost, you would pay for health, for longevity, right? As humans, we all want to live long and healthy lives but do we do all that is possible to be healthy in our lives? I have returned to studying the Blue Zones and am always amazed to see the formula right in front of us but so many don't dive in. Are you diving in?

Today, I am asking you to look at your physical self. Your body. What can you do to achieve a greater sense of wellness? The best part about this question is that there is always room for improvement no matter how healthy you are. I believe that there is always room for change whether we are talking about our physical selves or our spiritual selves.

Where ever you are on the journey, I invite you to evaluate where you are and come up with one small change- one thing that you can add in or take away so that you are making a baby step in the direction of health and well being. Your body and mind will thank you!

The Goddess Speaks~

Today, we see the topic of health arising. Here is what we say on this topic. Your physical body is the home of your soul. Your soul has been gifted this physical lifetime by the Spirit. How you choose to take care of the home of your soul is your choice entirely but we wish that humanity could see the physical body as an extension of the soul. Feed yourself as if your body was Spirit. Move your body as if it was the Divine One making the muscles move because it is so.

When humans see no separation between God or Spirit and themselves, they change the way they think of the human body. YOU are not separate from Spirit. The humans upon your planet are not separate from each other. All are one therefore, what you do to one, you do to all. We are here to simply remind you to treat your body with loving kindness and compassion at all times. The entire universe will thank you and so will your soul. And, so it is.

*If this message resonates with you, I would encourage you to share it. There will only be 8 more 5am messages and I hope they are making a difference in some small way in your life. Much love~ L.


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