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Happy Wednesday, sweet friends and welcome to day 21! As I have said before, I never know what will come through each morning but I do hope the messages are making you think. I love to go back a day or two and reread them. They always make me stop and think and that is what this is all about!

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this 30 day series with me. It means a lot to know that you are hopping on each morning and learning right along with me~

Day 21~

Whenever these sorts of spirit nudges used to occur (like post messages at 5am for 30 days), I would spend hours, even days, thinking about and rethinking how it was meant to go. Trying to figure out how I was supposed to complete these tasks. Now? I simply dive in. I go for it. I don't second guess myself too much anymore. Why? Because these things are Spirit-led and therefore, I'm not going to mess it up as long as I follow through with whatever I have been guided to do. I know this is true for you as well.

Today, I simply encourage you to trust your intuition. If you feel called or nudged to do something, TRUST YOURSELF and dive in. It will be better than you could have imagined it.

The Goddess Speaks~

Lisa is trying to express to you the peace that comes from following your own divine insights, your intuition. Sure, you could make mistakes along the path but as you follow your own intuition, you will be led to the ultimate path for your soul's journey and that will never be wrong.

We believe that you, on Earth, need the gentle reminders that all is guided and that all is well. You are called to trust and believe that what you need for your soul's path is already within your knowing. Why? Because before you incarnated onto the Earth in this lifetime, you designed it to be so. You made sure that your soul was prepared. Thus, you have intuition or divine insight.

Today, place your hand upon your heart and ask "What does my soul want me to know today?" "What messages are in my heart that I need to receive today?" We guarantee that you will be surprised at the answers you receive. Try this a few times throughout the day and compare your answers. Know that you are blessed and guided and that all is in divine time. And, so it is.

*There are only 9 more remaining messages to be sent out and I am hoping that they are helping you in some way along your journey. If they resonate, feel free to share them or send them to a friend. Many blessings~ L.


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