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Welcome to Day 20! I'm so glad you're here and receiving these messages! I hope you are heading into the month of October with a light step and a happy heart.

No matter where you are on this life journey, I know that you will find something here that resonates, something that you can take away and use in your life. That's my hope every time I sit down to write.

Day 20~

First, time flies when you are having fun and writing these messages is fun for me. Second, I truly can't believe that it is already October. I love this month as fall really beings to show itself but everything seems to be moving at warp speed. You feeling it, too? This warp speed is also a perfect reminder to slow down intentionally. To be slower in my days and truly be present.

One of my favorite author's, Thich Nhat Hahn, wrote extensively about being slow and mindful and I come back to his teachings again and again. Maybe this day is meant to be our day to become slower and more present...

The Goddess speaks~

No matter what words I speak today, I believe that they will fall upon deaf ears. Why? Because your world is busy. Your days are full. Your lives go at hyper speed and yet you accomplish little. Why? Because your priorities are often in the wrong place and need rearranged. You forget to be still, to experience gratitude and to speak with mindful slowness. I would call this type of experience mindful living.

Spend some time today in stillness. In mindful thought. In mindful action. In mindful stillness. During this day, take the time to look deeply at the person standing in front of you talking. Pay close attention to the events in nature- the sunrise, the sunset, the breeze.

Your lives are so structured. There is little time to simply breathe. Why? Because the human population is designed to strive, to learn, to achieve. Again, I say to you- spend time today in stillness. Practice deep looking as someone is speaking to you. Listen carefully and respond in a way that shows them you are truly present. Allow this presence to be the you that faces the rest of the day and, so it is.

*There are only ten more days of these 5am morning messages and I hope they are bringing new insights into your days. If they are, please share them or send them to a friend. Much love, L.

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