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Welcome back! Every day is an adventure and every day the blessings of Spirit are abundant. We never know what each day will hold but our responsibility is simply to wake up and find out...

Day 2~

Today, we honor the fact that YOU are showing up here in this space. Never in the times of past has your planet had so many souls awakening to their higher calling all at once. Simultaneously. Be forever in gratitude for your soul's plan of arriving here in this now moment for you have major work to accomplish. YOU are being called to your soul's work and the process of seeking your "work" can be a tedious one as the world "opinions" seem to somehow always get in the way.

The Goddess speaks:

Dearest Ones,

Make TODAY your day. Make this now moment your now moment. Seek the purpose of your soul's incarnation upon the planet today, right now. What are you here to accomplish? Each morning as you arise ask yourself "What is my mission for today? What am I here to accomplish?"

Deep within your soul lies the answers to these questions. Your soul is well aware of your journey. Your specific calling. It is up to you entirely to seek it out. Realize that you do have the option to completely silence the calling of your soul but she will continue to nag at you. To whisper in the stillness. To reach into the recesses of your heart and form a calling so strong, so distinct that in the stillness you may feel unsteady, unsure, unstable. Why? Because you are here upon the planet with purpose. A unique purpose that only you can complete. Find it. Seek it. Do not allow the whispers of your soul to land upon deaf ears. She will only speak louder and become more assertive and you will only become more and more unhinged if you fail to observe your calling.

Ask yourself:

"What is my mission for today?

What am I here to accomplish?"

Notice that you are only dealing in TODAY. This present moment is truly all you have to deal with, to comprehend, to work within. The past and the future are non-existent within the realms of the Goddess. So, again, find your strength deep within the soul center and seek your answers...

"What is my mission for today?

What am I here to accomplish?"

And, so it is.

*If this message resonates with you, please share and invite your friends to join us. These messages will be sent out each morning at 5am for the next 28 days. Thank you for being here~ L.

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