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What or who do you feel calling you home? Do you believe that others are awaiting your arrival on the other side? In this culture, we are programmed to skip pondering death in order to live more presently in the now. Are we doing ourselves a huge disservice?

I believe that we are all called to incarnate at the divinely right time. There are no mistakes. And, make no mistake, we all will leave the planet and return to Spirit when we are so called. Therefore, I believe that we should ALL be talking about it! It's most definitely on our list as one of the next amazing adventures. Why don't we see it that way? Plain and simple. FEAR. Today, I invite you to disregard your fear and settle in to some thoughts and possibly new ideas around the idea of moving on...

Day 19~

We are all here to live and eventually, to move on. Notice that I am not using the word die? That is simply because the words death and dying sound so final and moving on is most definitely more friendly and NOT as final. We are all called eventually so maybe it's time to begin becoming more comfortable with transitioning so we can prepare and prep and say the words that truly need to be said instead of hiding out with simple formalities?

The Goddess Speaks~

All are here to live. All are here to die. Lisa likes the terminology of moving on as it denotes the "next phase" of the journey. We tend to like this phrasing as well simply because there truly is no death. You do transition from one physical body to one spiritual body but it is a transition and the life force never stops.

I bring this to your attention today because more and more are choosing the transition. Especially after some of these humans surrendered their body to experimentation. Nevertheless, it is transition.

Today, we invite you to live as if today was your absolute last day in this physical body. Who would you spend the day with? What words would you find it difficult to speak? What would you want to say? Who would you tell? What relationships would you want to repair? Who would you hug a little longer? Would you try to get your "affairs" in order or would you simply BE? I make all of these statements in order to make you think. But, also, to remind you that this is the way in which you should already by living. You have absolutely no idea when your last day upon the planet will be. Maybe you should prepare and live like you mean it...

May all those with eyes to see and ears to hear, do so. And, so it is.

*I hope this message allows space within you for some processing. This is a tougher assignment and know that I am right there with you! There will be 11 more of these 5am messages and I hope you are finding them thought provoking. Many Blessings~ L.


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