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Welcome to this 30 Day Channeled Series! I hope this message finds you happy, healthy and whole! Whenever I sit to write these short messages, I am always flooded with loving compassion. I share that so you know that with every reading, the reader will know and hopefully feel the love with which they are transmuted. I share in love with the hope that you will receive with love. Blessings on the jouney~

Day 18~

With each and every day, we get closer and closer to that which is to come. What? We never know exactly, do we? We might think we know. We pray about knowing and preparing. We even have dreams or visions about our future. The truth is...we have no idea what the future holds so, our best now decision is to prepare for everything while also being present for everything.

We are here to grow and to expand. We don't do either by being stagnant and refusing to change. That is my message for you today~ allow your soul to grow and expand. You never know how that may serve you in the near future.

The Goddess speaks~

Welcome, dear ones! I hold you in great love and compassion. I wish to tell you today that there is absolutely nothing you can do to alter the amount of love and compassion with which you are held. As humans, it is imperative that you have some idea of the love which is shone down upon you regularly.

In fact, there is nothing but love that is shone down. Here, in the ethers, we do (and it is our responsibility to do so) hold humanity in the arms of loving compassion. We guide. We guard. We watch over. We ride the waves of uncertainty with you but always, always we hold you in love and compassion.

I believe that today is the perfect day to remind you that the "One" who came onto the Earth to teach also holds you all in love. For it is the responsibility of all in the heavens to hold humanity in love. Humanity is currently at a change point and it is imperative that humanity fully recall and remember and KNOW that they are loved and guided from afar.

Today, I am asking you to sit silently for a few moments and simply allow love to resonate around and within you. How do you do this task? You find a quiet place in which to sit. Close your eyes and allow (in your mind's eye) a large opening to reveal itself in the very center of your chest. This is your heart space or the center of your love-ness. Through this space, all love is given and received.

First, imagine sending loving kindness out to all from here. Imagine it encircling all you know and even those whom you have yet to meet. Next, using your vivid imagination, allow love to flow inward. This love may feel as if it is coming from Source Energy or simply to you from the atmosphere. Do not question it but simply allow the feelings of love to go and come as you see them.

Know within your soul that this is truly how love is shared, received and offered on a daily basis. Every day, love surrounds you. It penetrates your being and it is working for your highest good. And, so it is.

* I hope this message of loving kindness resonates with you. If so, share it! YOU are the messengers of this light and I hope you can discover your own channel through which to share. There are only 12 remaining messages in this series and I hope you enjoy them all. Much love and many blessings, L.

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