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Welcome to day 16 of this series! I hope it finds you healthy and happy. Today feels like another new beginning. I hope you are following this series and taking the prompts to go inward or be still seriously.

I know that we are always guided and these messages feel like a bread crumb trail of little nudges. Hopefully at the end, you will feel accomplished, awakened and secure in your own being-ness.

Day 16~

We are all upon a path that is perfectly designed for us and our learning. What we do with the learning is entirely up to us and our free will choices. Note that nothing is out of alignment when you follow the nudges of Spirit or your guides. They always have our highest good in mind.

The Goddess Speaks~

I am with you. Today and always. You are not now and never will be alone. We understand on this side that there are times when you feel as if you are struggling to stay afloat. You feel unsupported. Know that we are here to remind you that those times are when you are not calling upon us, your guides, for the support which you require.

No one enters planet Earth for learning without a bevy of support in the form of angels, guides and the like. We are here for you but do you acknowledge us? Do you allow time for stillness each day so that we may speak to you and connect? This is your message today. In fact, this is your grave reminder.

Take time each day in stillness to allow us, the Goddess and the God, to speak. We are in complete alignment with your journey and we DO realize the benefits of allowing but on Earth, it is easy to believe that you are solely in charge of your destiny and your time line. This simply is not the case. YOU HAVE HELP!

Today, I am going to request that you find stillness for 5 minutes twice. A time in which you set a timer and simply be still. Follow the thoughts into and out of your mind. Allow the physical body to be still. Be aware of what comes into your heart center, your mind and even your simple awareness. Take note. Do not try to change the information or awareness. Simply acknowledge it's existence and return to stillness. We believe that the insights that come to you will be highly beneficial. And, so it is.

*Thank you for joining me for day 16. If this message resonates with you, please share it with a friend and remember...YOU ARE GUIDED ALL ALONG YOUR PATH! These messages will continue at 5am for another 14 mornings. Sending you much love~ L.


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