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Good morning and welcome to this 30 Day Channeled Series. I hope this message finds you healthy, happy and whole and I also hope that all of your biggest dreams are beginning to come true!

We are constantly manifesting with our thoughts. Therefore, it is imperative that we pay close attention to what we think about. Good thoughts = good things! Stay in the positive and search for that golden nugget even if it seems hidden or lost in the mix. Trust that Spirit is bringing you exactly what you need and exactly what you have been putting your time, energy and thoughts into.

Day 14~

I hope you are well. I hope that everything feels like it is in direct alignment with your highest and best self. We are constantly being called to "choose" and I am here to encourage you to choose light. Choose love. Choose the goodness of your heart. Choose to take the high road and reject the dark. You are a being made in the image of the Goddess/God and it is this piece of you that will continue on for eternity. Stay good.

The Goddess Speaks~

It is with a sense of all-knowing that I invite you today to step into your highest sense of knowing. It is okay that on occasion you are choosing to lower yourself into the dark recesses but, in general, it is imperative that you stay in the light. Lisa teaches light. She shares her messages for light because she is well aware that you (all of you) are existing within a vibrational frequency that knows no limits except the limits which you impose upon yourself. This basically means that you are expansive as well as eternal.

The soul will choose light again and again. Shall I clarify this concept of light for you? Light is love. When you have an option or choice to make, always make the one that makes your heart sing. Choose the one that resonates within the deepest recesses of your soul. It also means that when you are interacting with others make a conscious effort to choose the words that will lift up the other people or their thinking. Never choose gossip or harsh words. These will not be in or of the light.

Everyday, you have options to move toward light and love and goodness. OR, you make choices that bring you closer to dark, to sadness, to grief, to anger, to fear. Dark is not where this Goddess resides. It is that "place" where thoughts go, where the heart goes when the goodness has disintegrated. Stay out of the spaces that make for sadness, dis-ease and uncomfortability within the heart space.

Today, I am inviting you to observe your actions, your thoughts and your mental state. Feel into the heart space and see what feels like light? What resonates as dark? Become mindful and present with your inner emotions to offer insight as to your level of dark vs. light. There will always be a balance but it is most imperative in these coming days that you remain vigilant about your mental state, the state of your heart center and the feeling that the soul is exuding. Trust that you are on your path and know that all is well. And, so it is, dear ones.

*If this message makes sense to you, rejoice! I do know that not every reader will resonate with every post. Always take what you need and disregard what does not call to your soul at this time. Know that if you return at a later date, your soul may be ready and willing to accept something that does not sit in the soul today. Please continue to share if you feel so called. These channeled messages will continue at 5am for another 16 days. Much love and many blessings, L.


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