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Good morning, dear friends! Today is day 12 in this 30 channeled series and I am so glad that you are joining me. Whenever I feel bit out of sorts, doing this work lifts me up.

Why? Because I am touching the light of the Divine. And, how can you feel disjointed or out of sorts, when everything that you have ever needed sits directly in from of you. All that we could ever need sits right in front of us. All that we have to do is open our eyes to see it.

Day 12~

Knowing that we never truly lack anything was a huge shifting point for me. I started letting go of expectations once this piece of information hit. I literally stopped worrying (about most things) because I knew that every thing and every situation was guided and pre-determined. (This does not negate the idea of free will, however.) Just try it on for size and see what happens to your angst and your anxiety levels. WE NEVER TRULY LACK ANYTHING.

The Goddess Speaks~

Dear Ones,

There are simply not enough of you awakening fast enough. Why? Because great things are coming. They sit right on the horizon and only require a short shift in your thinking to create a masterful learning, experience. All of this awakening truly takes time but for us on the other side, it is a unique experience to watch and observe the awakening of a planet, a people and an entire race.

What does it mean to awaken? Essentially, this means to look around you and see with new eyes. It means to shift into the vibratory language of love regardless of the topic or situation. By acting in love, you are then able to offer more of yourself to the Collective awakening or uprising.

This is no easy task but you, YOU, are here for this. THIS AWAKENING is the reason that your soul decided to incarnate at this time. Don't you think the planet is ready? Today, dear ones, I invite you to ask yourself the following questions and then, sit in stillness for just a short bit and await the answer. The Goddess will answer. Always.

What did I incarnate at this time in history to do?

What skills and abilities do I need to continue to develop so that I can fully contribute on my path toward freedom, healing and well-being?

Each human on your planet is valuable with a valuable skill set. Once one incarnates, they forget the "knowledge" with which they entered into life. They know innately but forget on the mind/ego level. Today's questions are designed to help you remember your purpose, your calling and what it is that you came here to do. This awakening for some is quite difficult while others breeze through. I don't know your calling but I know you. I know your goodness and your work ethic. I know your unconditional love of humanity. I know your patience for yourself and others. Knowing all of these things, I invite you to ponder today's questions in true gratitude;

What did I incarnate at this time in history to do?

What skills and abilities do I need to continue to develop so that I can fully contribute on y path toward freedom, healing and well-being?

I leave you today with the idea that the information you require is within you. There is no need to seek outside of yourself for you contain all that you need to know already. May all those with ears to hear and eyes to see, do so and immediately shift into their own next step. And, so it is.

* If this channeled message makes sense to you, I encourage you to share it with someone else who might benefit from it's reading. These messages will come out at 5am for 18 more days. I hope they are changing you and shifting you each morning. Much love~ L.


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