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Welcome to this 30 Day Channeled Series! I am grateful that you found me and I hope today's message resonates with some part of your soul. I hope it changes you or causes you to think or rethink.

Know that as you engage with this post, I am sending you much love and so many blessings for light to fill your day and joy to fill your thoughts.

Day 11~

This morning, I am guided to share with you a single word- patience. We all seem to want it and at times, we all may seem to be lacking. It is always with us and can be our biggest attribute but we are tasked with the responsibility of cultivating it. For with patience, we can wait and watch and rest in the knowledge that we are not alone but are guided and surrounded by help or "helpers" continuously.

The Goddess Speaks~

So many times, life on Earth can feel as if it is extending forever and ever. You might feel this as well~ like you are on a continuous journey learning and seeking. What you may have forgotten as you incarnated into the physical realm is that even as a spiritual being, life is for you and it is solely for your learning. You chose to come to the planet at this time and space because your spiritual self had many lessons to acquire.

Why, then, are you so impatient with yourself as you seek and learn these lessons? Knowing that you are guided and surrounded and protected can be a huge relief for many. Is it for you? So, today, I am offering you this simple idea. Be still in this moment and wait patiently. All that you are seeking is also seeking you but you must wait with an open heart and a surrendered soul.

This morning might be a good time to ask yourself these questions:

What do I feel like I am waiting for?

What choice can I make today that will lead me to my life purpose learning?

For we are all upon this planet and in the spiritual realm to learn, to seek. Us, in spirit form and you, in physical form are on a soul journey. Learning. Seeking. Desperately trying to understand, right? Be patient with yourself. Your soul is not designed to adapt to new information over night. It does take time for the spiritual self to come into alignment with the soul's learning. Thus, patience is required.

What do i feel like i am waiting for?

What choice can I make today that will lead me to my life purpose learning?

How can you wait for it more patiently? This is the goal of so many souls who are here for the learning! This Earth-life is not designed to be simple, dear friend. It is meant to challenge you and stretch you and teach you to be patient. We recommend that you do your best to be patient and know that all things are divine and all situations are of the Spirit. Seek and you shall find.

May all those with ears to hear and eyes to see, do so. And, so it is.

*If these daily messages resonate with you, I invite you to share them. If my work makes you think, then, do so and explore new ways of thinking. Know that you are never alone and always guided. There are only 19 more days of these 5am messages and I hope they are impacting you and creating change in your life. Many Blessings, L.

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