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Welcome or welcome back! It is always a pleasure to know that people are logging on to read these channeled messages so, thank you for showing up here.

I hope whatever comes through in today's message is exactly what you need to hear. Or, at least, it is in divine timing. We don't always want what we need, right? Either way, I hope it resonates.

Day 10~

I feel like today is a big day for messages. I seem to have been bombarded these past few days and I believe that is because I have been asking for messages to come through loud and clear. I don't want to miss anything that feels important and I also want to deliver what needs to be heard in a timely fashion. So, lots of noise and tons of messages!

The Goddess Speaks~

Believe me when I say to you that there is so much occurring behind the scenes. We, those of us watching from the heavens, believe that there is to be an event quite soon. Something that will bring relief while also changing the paradigm on Earth. Altering the dynamic of how things are done and why. Please listen to this message without alarm. When we say an event, that can look very different depending on the vantage point or the perspective. Be on guard and prepared for this new change point.

We do watch from the heavens. We pay attention because the well-being of all of you on Earth...well, you directly impact all of us throughout the galaxies. Throughout the solar systems and beyond. If there were to be a major disruption of life on Earth, we would ALL be altered because of it. We realize that you do not fully understand these concepts of which I speak however, that little piece should make it easier for you to understand that we do care about what goes on on your planet. It changes us here as much as it changes you on your planet.

What does this mean? It basically means that up to certain points, we are permitted to help and offer assistance in some instances. There are several circumstances in which we have no ability to help and some in which we are allowed to step in. For this, we are grateful especially when it comes to self-destructive behavior by any upon your planet. For all of these reasons, I am personally inviting you to ponder the following questions;

If life were drastically altered today, what changes would I have wished that I had made? What words are unspoken?

Look at the inter-connectedness of us all. How do my choices impact the people close to me?

As you ponder these questions, we invite you to sit with the answers. In fact, we invite you to sit in stillness often. It is in times of stillness that your guides and messengers are able to reach you. Just as Lisa receives these messages daily, there are many of you that are quite capable of receiving your own messages once you decide to make space and time for these small events. KNOW THIS: you truly do have a team of guides and support spirits surrounding you constantly. How you utilize their help and information is entirely a choice that you make daily. Offering a short time of stillness and quiet will be of help as this offers them time to step in and aid or assist. Again, in your time of stillness ask:

If life were drastically altered today, what changes would I have wished that I had made? What words are unspoken?

Look at the inter-connectedness of us all. How do my choices impact the people close to me?

When you have answers, you will know. When you allow for stillness, you will not feel such a great need to seek. You will be able to sit with knowing and breathe. We hope these messages serve you and help you rediscover parts of yourself that you may have lost touch with along the way.

May all who have ears to hear, accept this information as truth. And, so it is.

*If this message resonates with you, I invite you to share it. I invite you to become a messenger as well and offer these words of wisdom to your own friends, family and loved ones. I will be sending out these messages each morning at 5am for the next 20 days. Please take what you need and share what you can. Much love~ L.


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