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Poof! Just like that~ a new company was born. Yesterday. I am still in awe of all that Spirit can do. Does. We are simply channels for the information to funnel through and when we open to that mindset, the possibilities become boundless. Endless.

I have asked for guidance for this new year, knowing that something was shifting, changing deep within. My guided search for BLISS was simply the beginning and now, things are falling into a more direct order. For with direct order, humans begin to see that they simply. Are. Not. In. Control. Direct order. (Most likely a new term/mindset/wayofthinking for me to study and contemplate)

It is through the simple (and not so simple) act of surrendering that we can allow for all that is. This is my mantra for this year "Allow Space for Grace". When I step out of the way, I can make space for Spirit to act, to help me transform, to create that which is most needed in my soul.

Yesterday, the Mister and I began what we call brainstorming. You know the technique as I am sure you often use it for yourself and your own creativity. We began a volley of ideas and the chain of events, thoughts actually, led to our creation of a new company. One that I will operate, run and thoroughly enjoy! BLISS! It is quite possible that you will enjoy it as well, especially if you are part of a couple....

I can't share all of the details just yet as we are still in the creation and planning stages, however, I can see it's future and it is most definitely bright! You will see it soon and may wish to take part in the adventure and mystery of the venture. Time will tell!

I am finding myself in a state of complete gratitude this morning as I am still in awe of this new venture. Actually, the awe and gratitude go directly to Spirit as Spirit has looked into my heart to see exactly what I am needing for this time, this year, this space and it has landed directly into my being and my awareness.

So, why do I share this with you? To offer you encouragement for this brand new year. It is only when we choose to Allow Space for Grace that we can truly become endowed with the light of our Creator. Endowed or gifted with ideas, creations, thoughts and even services to provide that can create BLISS for others as well as ourselves. We often don't see what is directly in front of us until Spirit makes it so large that it cannot be missed. Then, we wonder how we didn't see it all before?!? Well, it simply wasn't the time or the place for that vision until Spirit reveals all that is needed.

Again, this morning, I offer to you the simple wisdom that all things appear as we are ready. All ideas that can transform us are available to us in our unconscious, non-thinking mind. They were placed there at our soul's conception for us to locate at exactly the point in time as our desire meets with the need for this information. It is there deep within you. Spend some time asking for Spirit to clear your own cobwebs so that your thinking mind can clearly see what has been there all along. I don't preach. I merely share as I have had many of my own years in which cobwebs clouded my vision.

Today, I feel free of cobwebs~ until maybe tomorrow (insert laughing or eye-roll emoji). I feel as if my vision is clear and I can see this new direction with joy. Even BLISS.

Thank you for reading~

Lisa xo

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