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Creativity Flows

The first week of my search for bliss is coming to an end and I can only marvel at the changes going on in my life. When we can reach within and allow our own power, decisiveness and push to be subdued, it is then that we can allow Spirit to reach in and through and offer us His ideas, His thoughts, His presence in our daily life and we can go forward with Spirit instead of against or even beside.

I am quietly discovering His presence in creation. I have always thought myself to be a creative mind however, for the past several years that creativity has felt stunted, almost stagnant at times. I needed to allow my mind to open to my own heart's desires so that I could move forward to discover happiness, bliss. That, my friends, is so difficult to do when you are coated in a layer of fear, when you are surrounded in "unfaith" that you truly can go forward and find something different for your life.

We launched our newest business venture yesterday in a variety of social media accounts and the reception was overwhelming. I felt that this latest creation was truly guided as it holds pieces of my greatest joys, my most intense passions and what brings me bliss (travel, seeing new destinations, sharing it with others and being of service). It feels amazing to be able to marry my creativity and my own passions and offer these to the public.

You can see our latest vision here:

When these breakthroughs occur, it is always interesting to gently look back upon the path that led to the inspiration. My husband and I have always felt united in travel. As the parents of six kids under 9 when we first got together, we knew that twice-yearly "adults-only" travel would be part of our sanity plan. Now, as wizened parents with kids only in our home on occasion, we feel even more strongly that travel is a calling as well as a way to be of service to others.

We still place a high value upon moving out into the world and acclimating to new environments. We want to experience other cultures, foods and habits. Stepping into other realities is not always comfortable but it changes us and we are still welcoming these changes. It creates new pathways in our brains that allow us to remain open to new ideas. We also have faith that we will see what we need to see and be where we need to be to experience whatever lessons await us next. A friend offered this prayer to me recently and it has become a sort of mantra.

When we can offer this prayer, we are basically releasing control. We are inviting Spirit into our lives to offer us the guidance, the support, the pathways, the nudges that we need that we aren't even aware of needing. I love it. I have found that releasing control offers space for grace. His grace~ to find me where I am.

My year of seeking #bliss365 is to be off to a great start. I am still on the high of creation and know that the low moments of stagnation might return. Without these ebbs and flows, we would be above with Spirit and not here on Earth. But, I say bring it! I feel stronger that I have in a few years and definitely more creative as I continue to seek BLISS.

Thanks for reading, Lisa xo


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