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Connections: Light Children & Music

Children everywhere come alive when music starts playing! And, parents everywhere are taking note! Parents are also scrambling to offer their children music lessons in order to balanced their education and open up this world of fine arts to their young children. These same parents "get" the direct correlation between brain functioning and math skills and music education. But, do these same parents fully comprehend the spiritual connection of these young children to music?

I grew up being one of those spiritual children connected to music. It was always playing in my house and I quickly learned to immerse myself in sound, notes and harmonies. I spent hours learning to express my own pent-up emotions through series of choreographed notes and accidentals, time signatures and modes. I understood the inter-play of sounds that could connect me to a higher source, a power beyond my complete comprehension at such a young age without even realizing the depth of power contained in these activities.

Are you raising a child that becomes absorbed in music? A child that can become lost in singing, sound, harmonies, voice patterns and notes? Ask yourself why this is and begin investigating!

These light children are vibrating differently and thus, their higher vibrations easily and willingly connect with music and with sound. Pitches can connect the child with their emotions while vibrations connect them with the planet, Source energy. Before we know it, as parents, we can witness our children falling into an easy relationship with music built on peace, calm and presence.

If you are currently raising a child who is seeking or searching for calm and a better sense of self, introduce them to sound. To music. To vibration. Guiding them to listen to the music that promotes their own ease can be life-altering. In fact, it can be a self-soothing and calming balm to their busy days and their life interactions with others. A quick scroll through Spotify or Pandora will quickly show you your child's likes and dislikes. Keep in mind that what sounds produce peace one day may have the opposite effect the following week and you have to readjust the station. As emotions change, a child's music attractions may change as well.

If you discover that your child has a fondness for music, seek out ways to allow them to engage. Maybe private lessons or one-on-one time with an experienced musician will serve your light-child well. Group settings like children's choir and beginning bands can inspire kids who are able to work well in larger, group settings. Give them an outlet! What simply feels like a learning experience to a parent can become a form of self-expression, emotional release and even meditation for a child.

Offer your light child a way to vibrate higher and connect with others who need those same high vibrational levels. Sound is healing and vibrations are connections that kids can embrace. As parents, we just have to open the doors and point these kids in the right direction. They can do the rest!

For more information on kids and music, check out the following resources:

Mindfulness in Music: Notes on Finding Life's Rhythm by Mark Tanner

Raising Musical Kids: A Guide for Parents by Robert A. Cuteietta

Raising Musical Kids: Great Ideas to Help Your Child Develop a Love of Music by Patrick Kavanaugh

Parenting with Presence by Susan Stiffleman

The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children by Doreen Virtue

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