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"Allow Space for Grace"

Bliss. B. L. I. S. S. It seems to be my word for the year. I know that Spirit sent it to me because it was most definitely time to discover it. It appears to be exactly what I am so desperately in need of. It seems kind of hard right now. I am struggling with life in general. Everything makes me irritated because I know that I am going to spend this year searching, seeking, and hopefully, achieving, understanding and receiving BLISS. The purpose of this challenge? To end this year knowing who I am, what I am doing and, of course, what brings me BLISS...

BLISS comes to those who search for it. It is not a given on this planet. Often, people will continue to dwell in a life that does not serve them, one that doesn't allow space for grace. In fact, dear one, that phrase, "Allow space for grace" could very well be a mantra for the year of 2018 on the planet Earth. "Allow Space for Grace". If you allow space, then Spirit can fill that space. If there is no space available, then, obviously, Spirit has nowhere to funnel in your grace. Interesting idea.

This idea of searching for BLISS is not a new one. People for centuries have become downtrodden and disheartened as they realize that the life they are living is empty or un-joyful. This realization or light-bulb moment is often the shift that must occur to allow space for change. As Earthlings, the brain can become "full" of negative thinking or worries or anxiety-prone thoughts. It is only with the conscious decision to create change in the way of living that true transformation can occur. Are you ready to begin the transformation?

Transformation basically means change but change for the better. When a human transforms, they allow what has been to fade away and they surrender to the new ways, the new thoughts, the new ideas. Transformation becomes quite simple when it is a process of surrendering to Spirit. When one can allow Spirit to work within them, the changes occur organically. There is no need to consciously create change. It simply happens. But how, you may ask?

Allowing. Surrendering to God's plan. Your pathway to your own greater, higher intelligence. This idea is just that, an ideal. When humans begin to put this into practice, it can become a sticky, difficult process. The ego or thinking mind can rapidly get in the way by posing questions, thoughts, what-ifs and then the human will begin to register that doubt as if it came from their very own soul. Of course, the soul functions on the spiritual level and does not contain this doubt. The human mind is the very epicenter of doubt, questioning and curiosity. The human mind can wreak complete havoc on the spiritual center if allowed to run wild and uncensored. How then can humans stop the craziness of the thinking mind and allow the soul to guide, to take the lead?

By remaining in a state of BLISS. BLISS is the well from which all joy springs. BLISS is the fountain that flows into each human and allows for introspection without judgement. BLISS is the fore-runner of all emotions so that the underlying and inner-judgement which is or can be quite harsh, is silenced. BLISS is the joy that Spirit gives to humans who are seeking the "godly" path of their very own life-purpose. BLISS is all that our Creator desired for us at the moment of our inception. Shall we seek it together?

BLISS is the confidence that Spirit is in charge and the responsibility of the human is to simply surrender to All That Is. Allow. Surrender. ENJOY!

Lisa xo


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