Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records are often referred to as The Book of Life and they contain the "PLAN" for the soul's journey while upon the planet. Lisa has the ability and training to access the records of each client and share with them the information that is pertinent to their individual time upon the planet.

These sessions promote healing and dive into the deeper issues that may be the direct result of past life connections or present day unresolved trauma.


Making the choice to heal and completing this work with Lisa to connect with your higher consciousness, your spirit guides and Source energy allows for greater connection, clarity and healing!


These sessions are scheduled via cell or Skype. Please reach out via the Contact Lisa page to schedule a session and you can click on the link below to pay for your session or you can submit payment through Venmo:


90-min. Session ~$220

60-min. Session ~$140

sacred circle meditation photo.JPG

Sacred Circle Meditations

Sacred Circle Meditations are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month September through May at 7:00pm EST via zoom. This is a time to join together for stillness, for insight and for inspiration.


This 45 minute zoom call is designed to offer participants a place for meditation, personal growth and expansion. Lisa facilitates this special evenings through spirit-led chats, channelings and guided meditations.


YOU are enough and you only have to "show up" for your expansion and your growth. Use the contact page to register or local this session on the Meet-Up app under The Sylvan Well~ Holistic Healing in the Hills.

Donations accepted via Venmo-

@Lisa-Caplinger-2. ($5, $10, or $15)


 Ladder Work

Ladder Work is a technique designed to help clients heal individual relationships. This technique requires two 60-minute sessions. In the first session, the client dives into the relationship that is needing the "work". This might be with a parent, child, spouse, partner, soul mate, relative, friend, etc. It is necessary to study the issues, evaluate the struggles, recognize the past-life connections and then, coordinate a plan for the necessary healing required.

In the second 60-minute session, the client participates in a very specific and intentional guided meditation in order to meet with the soul of the other person and complete the "work"~ ultimately, helping one find healing peace.

This work requires two 60-minute sessions scheduled 1-2 weeks apart and the cost is $240. Click the link below to make payment. Our healing work is our best work and also, our most challenging. 

Mind, Body, Soul Living

Reconnective Studies

Seeking balance and a reconnection to yourself? Do you feel a need for greater vitality, health and wellness? Over 6 online sessions, I guide you through a process of self-healing and greater self-love including:

Holistic Wellness

 Healing Foods

Movement for the Body

Meditation Practices

Daily Journaling

Essential Oils


Restful Sleep Practices

We begin our work together so that you can implement changes into your daily life that enable you to reconnect with your higher self, your physical body and your intuition. Nothing is left untouched! Lisa will be a guide to help you access your own healing and wellness.

This package can be organized to fit the individual client but can include: 6 30-minute zoom sessions online, text books, admission to a private facebook group and unlimited email support.

                         ~Personalized Rates Available


Personalized Yoga

"Don’t move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move."     ~Osho

Where ever you are on the yoga journey that is where you must begin! I work with clients privately and in small groups to encourage movement, growth and skill development. We can work together in person or in zoom.


~Personalized Rates Available