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Monday Morning Go!

Are you interested in receiving a weekly, intuitive message that can lead you to better health, more clarity and an amazing sense of well-being? By registering for this service, you will open your inbox on Monday Morning and have a personal, reading waiting on you first thing! 

So much of how we live is guided by an internal sense of what our bodies need and our souls know exactly what we need as well as when and how we need it! All we have to do is ask and be open to the messages that they offer.

These personal readings are positive, helpful and grounding. They offer light and a truer sense of well-being and the great health tips can't hurt! You will love this service as soon as you begin.

To register, use the PayPal link at the bottom of this page and begin your monthly subscription for $44.00. Then, email Lisa your full name and the email address at which you wish to receive your Monday Morning Go! messages. Your messages will begin the following Monday morning.

Please send your name and email information to:

Please make sure you receive the return email verifying your subscription and email address!

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