Work with Lisa Renée to...

  • incorporate Divine wisdom into your healing process

  • heal your body through nutrition and supplementation

  • discover greater vitality, energy and health

  • help your family, children and loved ones learn to eat for wellness

  • discover clarity and healing through her private, intuitive sessions

  • make life changes


Lisa is an certified holistic nutritionist as well as a family consultant and she can help you on your journey toward greater health and wellness. Work with her to allow your house to become a home of peace, wellness and purpose!


She attended Fairmont State University and graduated with a Bachelors in Education and later, she began her studies of many health and wellness modalities.

In 2012, she began a program to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist at the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Portland, Oregon. During this course of study, she learned to coach clients on food, supplements and healing nutritional practices. Around this same time, she also became certified to teach children's yoga, meditation and mindfulness to promote inner calm through stretching and body movement. 

Lisa is also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner as well as a Certified Akashic Records Reader. These energetic modalities can be utilized with clients who are suffering from blockages that are impeding their journey toward greater health and wellness. Lisa works intuitively with her own guides as well as those guides of her clients to create plans for healing and purpose.

Lisa works as a Doterra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate as well as a Plexus Wellness Ambassador. She strongly advocates the use of natural healing methods including essential oils and supplementation for individuals~ even children. 

She enjoys teaching and working with children and families to promote health, education and wellness. Lisa's work with individuals and small groups has proven itself to be highly effective in promoting change, increasing wellness and aiding in the discovery of clarity for her client's life journeys. Visit the Services page to see how you might work with her.